Tim Stucky

About Me
Stock mugshot of myself!

I was born and raised in the small town of Kingsburg, located about twenty miles south of Fresno in the San Joaquin Valley. These days, I reside in Azusa, California attending Azusa Pacific University where I am working towards a bachelor's degree in interpersonal communication and a minor in strategic marketing. I expect to graduate in May, 2003 and will pursue a lucrative job that will support my wheeling hobby!

Offroading was deeply engrained in me from an early age, as my family and I to spent many weekends a year for about ten years riding motorcycles in the Mojave desert. When the time drew near that I was of age to operate a vehicle on the street, I knew I wanted a 4wd truck to take to the desert with my bike. After a few months of searching, with the help of my parents, I purchased my '84 truck, ten days before my 16th birthday!

It didn't take long for me to get the bug to modify it. Like any other 16 year old guy, I wanted to lift it, put big tires on it, and take it off-road. Over the last five years on a high school and now college student's budget, the truck is now a very capable rockcrawler. It has even been retired from daily driving duties with the acquisition of my '88 4Runner, which I also enjoy modifying, but for very different purposes.

Off-Road Experience & My Vehicle
My 1984 truck

Over the past five years, I've built my truck to what it is today and have enjoyed building it just as much as actually wheeling it. I've learned valuable mechanical and fabrication skills as a result of building the truck. As a result of wheeling it, I've learned good offroad driving skills and have met a lot of great people in the process.

Living in central California is a great middle ground for many great trails. I've wheeled over the Rubicon, many areas of the Mojave desert including areas in and around Death Valley, Hollister Hills, Pismo Dunes, the Hammer trails in Johnson Valley, and all around the central Sierras.

Computer Experience

Being relatively young around the beginning of the internet craze as well as being somewhat of a computer junkie, I was quick to jump on the bandwagon and dabble with html and unix. I created my first website during the summer of 1995 long before I dreamed of owning a Toyota 4x4 truck. Inspired by all the other cool 4x4 websites I visited, I started my own with long term goals in mind despite the fact that my truck was bone stock and I was but a mere sophmore in high school. Since then I have leaned a lot about web publishing and journalism, which I can use to share the wealth of information available so we can build better, safer, and more functional vehicles to take us to far reaching regions of the great outdoors!