Scott Yoder (JadeRunner)

Scott Yoder (JadeRunner)
Vehicle: 2000 4Runner SR5

Custom Rock Ware Bumper

This bumper was custom made and installed by Rock Ware in Colorado Springs, CO.

Scott's bumper

When looking for a front bumper, I didnít really like what was available on the market a year ago and wanted something custom. I had seen other vehicles on the trail in Colorado with Rock Ware armor and liked what I saw. This was the first bumper for a 3rd Generation 4Runner Rock Ware had made. They custom fabricated and installed it in a day and a half. It contoured the front of my 4Runner perfectly and looked good. I had requested the bull bar, lower skid plate and shackle hangers as extras. The total cost was $900.00 installed. I donít think they are prepared to ship a bumper, they will want to build and install it in their shop.

New mount

They had originally just bolted the bumper to the frame rail end plates with 3 bolts each, plus each side support. But when I first tried to winch a full size Bronco out of a snowdrift it was obvious it wasnít strong enough. So Rock Ware gladly reconfigured the frame rail mounts to make them extremely strong and utilize 4 bolts each. This problem was fixed and based on the winching I have had to do this summer the whole bumper is very strong and secure.

My only complaint was that they could have given the bumper a more finished look by putting top plates near the top 1/3 of each corner. They have since produced another bumper for a 3rd Gen. 4Runner and added the top plates. The bumper was originally painted with a rattle can and a year later needs to be painted again due to road chips etc.

Close up

If you have the ability to drop off your vehicle at Rock Ware in Colorado Springs Co. for a day or so then this bumper is a very nice option.

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