Leo Castaneda (Leo)

Leo Castaneda (Leo)
Email: lsc224@earthlink.net
Vehicle: 95 Toyota 4Runner

Custom Rear Bumper

Rear View

The rear bumper was bought used from Bob Williams. I chose this bumper because it had the provision for a rear tire carrier much similar with the Stout bumpers. It did not come with a frame mount or tire mount. The frame mount was bought from Steve Hinken who used to work for Stout Equipment. He got the jigs for the Stout bumpers. The tire mount was fabricated and I also mounted a Blitz jerry can holder. The bumper came with side protections and I cut off the side protections since they are not braced. Bumper is very tough and I have banged the bumper against rocks and it held up pretty good. Future modifications would be side protections and I am also replacing the jerry can holder since the jerry can is not secured at all. Possible replacements would be from ConFerr or from 4x4trailers.com. This bumper is heavy, my rear sagged an inch after installing the bumper.

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