Kam Erik Fierstine (Kamster)

Kam Erik Fierstine (Kamster)
Email: kfierstine@spicehunter.com
Vehicle: 1985 Reg Cab, SR5/EFI Truck

Rear Custom Bumper

The front bumper will be a homegrown tube bumper made out of HREW 1.5 OD .120 wall. I have the material, but have not found the time yet. The rear bumper is made out of 2 x 6 .25 wall square tube. It is welded to my rear frame rails and holds 2 LED taillights.

The idea was to create a bumper that gave me a good departure angle and would take the abuse that rock crawling can dish out. It also serves as an attach point for my rear shackle hanger. I have Chevy rears on the back and I am running a single shackle which is moved rearward about 4 inches. The hardest part of fabbing this up was cutting the two holes for the taillights. The tube was purchased as scrap and cost me about $5. The taillights were bought online for about $25 each.

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