Dan Eddleman (dandeman)

Dan Eddleman (dandeman)
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Vehicle: 2000 Toyota 4Runner SR5

Customized Stock Bumper for Off Road Use

The custom modifications that follow, based on continued use of the stock bumper, is based on a realistic assessment of how this particular vehicle is primarily used. Since many of the areas we really enjoy off roading are quite a long way from home and sometimes involves getting on trails without other vehicles in company, prudent judgment dictates staying in the conservative off-roading category, for example, trails rated "moderate" using the Colorado trail rating system. The intent was to provide some additional underside skid protection to the bumper lower leading edge, minimize any protrusion into the approach angle area, provide a secure mount for a Thomas air compressor to be located in front of the radiator, and incorporate a 2" receiver mount, located high for clearance, yet strong enough for a suitable sized winch or use as a recovery hardpoint.

In this view the receiver mount and the skid plates protrude out from the underside of the bumper in the area in front of the tire track line. This photo of the underside best shows the effort to keep the skid plate out of the approach angle area.

Design consideration was given to allow adding in the future, an extended custom skid structure attached to what you see here, and extending back to replace the stock skid plate.

Underside View
For the receiver mount portion of the design, additional tie in points were used to distribute forward pulling forces, such from a "snatch" or "tug" with an elastic recovery line. All connections to the vehicle are bolted connections. The stock bolt on bumper reinforcement bar shown below was incorporated into the design. It should be noted that the bumper reinforcement bar is only on the later vintage 3rd gen 4Runners which use the"fat lip bumper". Mild steel was used throughout the construction and the temptation resisted to overbuild the structure, with much of it behind the reinforcement assembly which is essentially a soft crush zone. The underside view below shows all the attachment points consisting of the stock mounting frame plate which was reinforced, the tie down/tow ring attachment point and one of the two diagonal braces which bolts to the frame cross member.

Further details on the construction of the receiver mount can be found at this link Receiver Mount Detail.

Providing a mounting point for the Thomas air compressor was a significant part of the design objective. Those details can be found here Air Compressor Detail.

This was a one time construction project (custom work with a lot of grinding and fitting time) that I undertook to meet my personal needs. If you have similar needs and enjoy metal fabrication, may be this will give you some ideas.

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