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Author: Scott Wilson December 1999

When it comes to deep water, the best insurance you can buy for your engine is an ARB - Safari Snorkel. One of the quickest ways to do extensive damage to your vehicle get water in the engine air intake and hydro-lock the engine. With ARB's snorkel kit you no longer have to wonder if the water level is up to your air intake, and if you're taking in water. You know exactly how close the water is to your intake, because you can look out your windshield and see it!

ARB sells snorkel kits for many different types of vehicles. The kits are well designed, and it shows in the final product. Sitting in the drivers seat of my 88 4Runner, I cannot see any of the snorkel body except the air scoop at the top of the windshield. The snorkel mounts very securely to the vehicle and causes no noticable wind noise while driving on the freeway.


Let me begin by saying, ARB does not have a snorkel kit for an 88 Toyota p/u V6, or an 88-89 4Runner V6. Now follow along as we install ARB's snorkel on an 88 4Runner V6. (grinning yet?)

My snorkel came from ARB with the following label on it on the box. "Toyota 4Runner V6, 3VZE" That described my 88 4Runner perfectly. I proceeded to install the kit and after drilling a couple of fist size holes in my fender, was introduced to the harsh reality that the kit I had in my hands was not going to fit my 4Runner. After contacting ARB and sorting through just what had happened, I learned I was in possession of a kit for a 2nd generation (1990-1995) 4Runner V6. I also learned that they did not make a kit for a 1st generation 4Runner V6.

With the holes already in my fender, it was too late to turn back... nothing left to do but MAKE a kit for my truck. ARB was kind enough to send me the snorkel body that was designed for my fender (but with a 4-cylinder engine) and using some of the parts from each kit, I went about creating a kit for my 4Runner.

This is a typical reaction from ARB, and it should be applauded. When something goes wrong, they fix it. ARB makes and sells quality parts, and they stand behind their products. Mistakes happen, but if you're dealing with ARB you can be sure they'll be taken care of. ARB has made a note about this so first generation body, V6 owners should not order these snorkels my mistake. ARB does not plan to create a kit for these trucks, but by ordering the individual pieces (listed on the parts list I supply in this article) you can make a kit to fit your vehicle.

Others who have installed ARB's Safari Snorkels tell me that installation is straightforward, and relatively easy. After seeing their kit, and exploded diagram in the instructions, I would tend to believe it. In this installation however, set the instructions aside. Refer to them only for measurements such as drill bit size for the different holes you will be drilling. After all, this is not a kit that we're installing, its pieces we're trying to shape into a kit.

Right out of the box

Pictured are the pieces from the V6 snorkel kit (SS130HF). From this kit I used the plumbing from the V6 airbox, a bracket to hold it in place, and the hose clamps. From the 4-cylinder kit (SS65HF) I used the snorkel body & snorkel body mount. CLICK HERE for a detailed parts list. The only non-ARB part I used in this installation was an 18" section of 3" rubber flex hose that I obtained from a local hose supplier.

Drill holes through the fender

The first step to installing your snorkel is to tape the supplied template in place, and mark where you will be drilling your holes. Due to trying to install the wrong kit on my truck you'll notice I have way too many holes in it. When correctly installed, only 3 small holes, and one large hole are needed.

Trim to appropriate length

The 4-cylinder snorkel body is designed with a large snout to go through the fender and into the engine compartment. Since we only want it to go into the fender, we need to cut it short. Be careful as you cut it down, you want it just short enough so that the 90-degree bend supplied with the V6 kit fits snugly over it. With the snout cut short you'll now be able to bolt the snorkel body in place.

Upper Mount

Once you have the snorkel in place, mark the location for the upper mount. Now remove the fender with the snorkel body still mounted to it. You will need the snorkel on the fender so that you can 'test fit' it to the truck to see where you will need to remove sheet metal from the inner fender.

The fenders on this 4Runner are significantly narrower than the fenders on the 2nd generation 4Runner. Because of this you will need to do a significant amount of inner fender trimming to be able to route the air hose along the inside of the fender.

Two holes in inner fender

The hole at the top of the wheel well arch allows room for the 90 degree bend attached to the snorkel snout. The lower hole is for the air box adapter duct from the V6 kit, so that the air path may be routed into the fender. I recommend you drill this hole 1-2" higher than you see it pictured here.

Components in place

Here is the air box adapter duct set in place before final assembly. In the second photo you can see the where the 90 degree bend enters the engine compartment before going back into the fender.

Installation Complete

Once you have all the pieces installed, take everything apart, and reinstall it. On this final installation you will use silicone caulk at all the connections to the air ducts to prevent water from getting into the intake when submerged. This completes the installation, and assuming you're waterproofed the rest of your vehicle already, you're ready to go snorkeling!



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