Project ROKTOY - Tube Chassis - Part 3
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By: Jay Kopycinski - 9/2002

We slipped the front axle under the frame Then came the rear axle to get the chassis up Chassis finally sitting on a pair of axles & tires

With most of the chassis complete it was finally time to get it off the build dolly and try setting it up on a pair of axles and some tires. With the tube welding all complete I could finally get an idea what it would finally look like. What followed was more work completing mounts and other details.

Here are some more pics of the chassis fully suspended.......
Low angle front view Passenger side view Another front angle view Rear angle view

With all the details complete (I hoped), it was time for blue paint........

Back on the dolly, but now painted blue!

Side view Rear angle view Front of tube chassis Another front view

Rear view Spare tire area Driver side interior Passenger side interior

More to follow........

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