Project Vehicle:
"The Mammoth Project"

ORN's Land Cruiser Section Project Vehicle - 1987 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60 Short Cuts
Author: Jim Brink January 2000
What's New with the Mammoth Project?--May 2000

This month, we'll concentrate on STOPPING the Mammoth Project: A brake upgrade beginning with a new master cylinder. The installation of a larger brake master cylinder was twofold. The original master was just plain worn out and this was found to be a great time for an upgrade. Read more about the latest here: Brake Upgrade.

The Mammoth Project in Relatively Stock Trim.

Welcome to part one of 4x4Wire's Land Cruiser Section project vehicle, "The Mammoth Project." The basis for this project is a 1987 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60 wagon. The FJ60 was sold in the United States from 1981 until 1987 and is considered by some as the last true Land Cruiser sold on these shores. The premise behind the Mammoth Project is to develop an expeditionary-type vehicle that, while not excelling at any one task, will allow it's occupants to traverse several types of terrain. In doing so, the goal is to maintain maximum comfort, safety, versatility, and practicality.

This project will focus not only on bolting new parts and accessories but will also outline recommended service and preventative maintenance procedures to assure maximum reliability and vehicle longevity. Sure, we'll showcase a few new and interesting products, but we'll also feature a few different technically-minded articles that will hopefully help our readers. Not only that, we hope to show you a few neat technical ideas and maybe even answer a few of those "How's that done?" questions.

Many of the modifications done to the Mammoth Project are unique and consequently, "custom." While the word "custom" may mean "hard-to-obtain" to some, especially in remote areas, the plan is to keep the custom work simplified to where it does not effect the mechanical operation of the vehicle. With that said, we're more than happy to share some of our custom tricks and tips that apply and why we went that particular route.

The Mammoth Project After a "Few" Modifications.

Again, in keeping with the practical theme, only the best components and craftsmanship will be going into this project. Keep an eye on this space for product reviews of these components. As this is a project vehicle (and everyone knows that a project is never really "done"), we''ll be following up on how these components last over the long term. There is no better test for a project than in-use and in the field.

What's in store for the future of the Mammoth Project? Listed below is a brief summary of some of the planned modifications, service and repairs, and product reviews of components used:

Tune in periodically to see the latest happenings with ORN's "Mammoth Project."

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