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Toyota Minute Mod: Valve Stem Protector

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Author: Scott Wilson - May, 2000

Tubing welded in place

Here's a Minute Mod that could potentially save you from a HUGE hassle on the trail. If your valve stem is damaged, you're going to have to stop to put your spare on. As if that wouldn't be hassle enough, imagine that you're already driving on your spare because a tree root hidden under the snow tore one valve stem already. Did I mention it's raining? And cold? It's just above freezing. Oh... and it's windy too. Ok, somehow this little mishap just got to be a much bigger pain.

Welding a piece of tubing around your valve stem can help protect it from rocks, mud, tree roots, or anything else that could potentially break, tear, or rip a valve stem out from a wheel. This in an inexpensive trick, and if you have a welder can be done in only a few minutes at home. If you don't own a welder this could be done at a welding shop, at very little cost to you, assuming you do the prep work.

Notch for easier access

These photos are of the valve stem protectors Desmond of MTA made for his wheels. He took some thin wall tubing, notched it to make access to the stem cap easier, and welded them onto his wheels. He's made a great valve stem protector that has the potential of saving a lot of down-time on the trail.

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