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Author: Jay Kopycinski February, 2000

About a year ago I bought a Garmin GPS12 receiver. I looked at the various commercial mounts available for it and found I didn't like their cost nor how they mounted. Most needed to be screwed to some flat surface. I just couldn't find a spot in my truck where I wanted to mount one.

Some simple bends for a reliable mount.

The mount you see here was originally just a quickly made one for a trip I was making, but I have since found I really like the way it works. I applied a 1" wide strip of velcro to the back of my Garmin and velcro to the mount. This holding method seems to be plenty strong and I have never had the Garmin fall due to the velcro separating.

Notice the "feet" to help lock it in place.

It's very simple. I took a piece of 0.90" aluminum sheet about 2 inches wide and put two bends in it using my vise and a couple of blocks of wood. Once it was bent to fit the contour of the dash, I added some self adhesive velcro to both the back of the Garmin and to the front of the mount.

Mounted on the Dash.

This mount was made to fit my '85 truck. It hooks into the front edge of the dash as you can see in the photo above. It fits snug and the weight of the mount and Garmin keep it in place. I added the two little rubber feet to the back to keep it from rubbing on the dash and when it is centered over the ac vents it kind of locks it in place. Here, both driver and passenger can easily see the display. However, it can be slid along the dash either way if desired.


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