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Toyota Minute Mod: Adjusting the Air Flow Meter

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The air flow meter out of the vehicle.

22RE motors are famous for their reliability, not their power. Common modifications such as free flow air filters, camshafts, and exhaust headers can help give Toyota trucks more power to turn big, heavy tires. These modifications increase air flow and can cause a lean condition. Too lean of a fuel mixture can result in detonation and holes burnt in pistons in extreme cases. 22RE motors utilize a air fuel meter (AFM) system, as opposed to mass air flow or speed density, in order to regulate the air entering the motor. The AFM is essentially a flapper door attached to a flat wound spring. As air passes the door the spring moves. This movement is then translated into an electric signal that tells the electronic control unit (ECU) how much fuel to deliver. A modified engine will move more air through the engine on a given combustion cycle than a factory motor, so the AFM must be adjusted to compensate. This is an easy modification that only requires a razor blade and a Phillips screwdriver.

5.jpg 5.jpg 5.jpg
The internals of the AFM. Marking the initial position. Loosing the screw to make the adjustment.

Note: The air flow meter does NOT need to be removed from the truck in order to perform these modifications, this was only done for illustration purposes.

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