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Industry Insider

Tony Twiddy of the Toyota Land Cruiser Association (4/04)
The Toyota Land Cruiser Association (TLCA) is a long-standing association of Toyota 4WD owners which recently celebrated its 25th anniversary. We detour from our usual Industry Insiders this month to talk with Tony Twiddy, President of TLCA, to reflect on the organization's past and what's in store for the future.

Roger Brown of 4Crawler Offroad (10/03)
Roger Brown is a one man show that produces some of the most thought out and well documented products on the market. He remembers what is was like to buy ill fitting products or own a vehicle with no aftermarket support. As a result, Roger makes every effort to thoroughly develop his products using valuable customer feedback and testing products on his own vehicle. In addition to off road products, Roger provides unrivalled technical information via his position as technical editor of TLCA's Toyota Trails magazine and his website.

Mike Caskey of Off Road Solutions (7/03)
A little over two years ago, Mike Caskey used his four wheel drive and Toyota technician experience to open Off Road Solutions. In that time he and the ORS staff have become a one stop shop for Toyota fabrication and repair work in the Front Range, as well as a valuable member of the local four wheeling community. Mike prides himself on tackling difficult problems and offering customers comprehensive products and support.

Marlin Czajkowski of Marlin Crawler (6/03)
Marlin Czajkowski may have a name that is hard to pronounce, but it is easy to remember. Marlin brought gearing to the forefront of rockcrawling when he introduced dual transfer cases to the United States. Since that time Marlin has brought more and more products to the market to make Toyotas a viable alternative to the Jeep. The cornerstone of Marlin's business, however, has always been and shall always be mini-truck gearing in the form of transfer case gears and dual transfer cases.

Scott Ellinger of Rockstomper (5/03)
Scott Ellinger got his start in the 4WD aftermarket making custom IFS components at a time when most people were hanging leaf springs and solid axles under their Toyotas. Following that unconventional thinking he has continued to fill a nitch and offer products found nowhere else, from custom knuckles to beadlock conversion kits.

Jesse Jaynes of High Angle Driveline (4/03)
Jesse Jaynes runs the big driveline business... and he does it with only two people. Drivelines are not often thought of as a source of innovation in the four wheeling market, but Jesse challenges that convention with his long travel and high angle CV drivelines.

Brian Ellinger of Front Range Off Road Fabrication (3/03)
Brian Ellinger puts his education as a machinist to use building parts for Toyota pickups and 4Runners that no one else offers. Items such as his full floater conversion and twin stick have no competition, and Brian intends to build the best product at the best price, ensuring that no one else will even compete.

Jim Christiansen of Inchworm (2/03)
Inchworm Gear started as a result of Jim Christiansen's machining background and interest in four wheeling. He began by producing parts for himself and his family, but when the word got out he soon had more business than he could handle and Inchworm was born.

Bud Rosenberger of Budbuilt (1/03)
Bud Rosenberger is a family man who makes his living by doing what he loves. For Bud that passion is for rockcrawling and designing trick new Toyota parts. Situated on the East Coast, Bud has a reputation for bombproof crossmembers and outstanding customer service.

Jon Bundrant of All-Pro Off-Road (12/02)
Jon Bundrant is the owner of All-Pro Off-Road, one of the largest and most innovative shops catering to Toyotas. Jon discussed All-Pro's past and well as what is in store for the business's future, among other things.

Mark Mason of Kong's 4x4 (11/02)
Mark Mason started Kongs 4x4 Off Road in 2000 and his business has been growing ever since. Located in Phoenix, Arizona offers him access to some of the toughest trails around... and lets him cater to the people who run those trails.

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