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Don West's 1994 Pickup (2/04)
Don West's pickup might not have the biggest tires or most radical suspension, but thanks to deep gearing and locking differentials, he never seems to be left behind. Find out what tricks Don performed to tackle trails like the Dusy and still cruise home in comfort.

Bill Morgan's 1987 4Runner (8/03)
Bill Morgan's 4Runner is made to tackle the toughest trails Colorado has to offer and cruise home reliably with the air conditioning on. While it is far easier to make a capable trail rig that sacrifices comfort and street manners, Bill set out with a goal in mind and chose quality components to help achieve that goal.

Brandon Miller's 1983 Pickup (5/03)
Over the 15 years that Brandon has owned his truck it has undergone numerous changes from bobbed beds to flatbeds, motor rebuilds to motor swaps, and now barely resembles what rolled off of the showroom floor 20 years ago, save for the front sheetmetal and frame.

Jeff Bathke's 2000 4Runner (12/02)
Jeff Bathke has carefully built one of the most capable double-duty 3rd-generation 4Runners on the trails today - and he does the tough trails with this rig! All of the high-profile Colorado trails, Moab, the Rubicon and more have been conquered in this unique, well thought out newer 4Runner, which is armored, locked, and supercharged.

Rusty Wagner's Big Block Cruiser (6/02)
Since buying his 1967 FJ40 Land Cruiser off the showroom floor, Rusty Wagner has put the rig through an amazing amount of use and modifications. Currently the FJ40 sports a 468 c.i. LS6 big block and 38" tires - but Rusty's still not done!

Ryan McAndrew's 1980 Hilux (5/02)
Proving that you don't have to be an investment pro to build a capable trail rig, Ryan McAndrew made thoughtful and functional upgrades to this classic Hilux to run the biggest rocks.

Kris Favareille's 1981 Hilux (4/02)
From a mild-mannered and capable mini to flat out crawler in less than a year, Kris Favareille's '81 Hilux is another great example of maximum bang for your rockcrawlin' buck.

Mike Fox's 1987 4Runner (12/01)
Toyota fanatic Mike Fox has an '87 4Runner that has a most complete list of hardcore offroad mods, done up to take on the toughest East Coast trails.

Dan Basham's 3.4L SC'd 1986 4Runner (11/01)
What do you get when you take a 1986 4Runner, a Supercharged Toyota 3.4L V6, and a solid axle swap and mix them together? Yep, Dan Basham's Ultimate 4Runner.

Robert Jackson's 1994 SupraRunner (5/01)
Robert is one of the pioneers of the 7M-GTE 3.0L inline six Supra engine swap. But his 4Runner is so much more than just an engine - he has the grunt for any work, offroad or on.

Tony Gressett's 1985 4Runner (3/01)
Tony "T-Bone" Gressett is part of the hardcore Toyota rockcrawling crowd. In order to keep up with his brother and the others, Tony has built a clean 4Runner with the suspension and gearing to not just keep up, but lead the pack.

John Douglas's 1991 4Runner (1/01)
Proving the Americans are not the only ones who are automobile fanatics, John Douglas stuffed a 5.0L Ford high output motor mated to a Toyota Supra transmission. This is one of the cleanest motor swaps we have ever seen.

Mohd Pradaus, Mohd Yusof's 1987 Toyota Landcruiser II (12/00)
Mohd Pradaus, Mohd Yusof's Landcruiser II comes with a drivetrain that would leave most Stateside Toyota fans drooling. The 2.5L turbodiesel and coil spring suspension allow this rig to stand up to the toughest punishment that events like the Rainforest Challenge can dish out.

Allen Jensen's 1992 Runner (9/00)
You don't have to build a tube buggy to play in the rocks, as Allen Jensen's 4Runner demonstrates. Thoughtful upgrades and homegrown ideas allow Allen's 4Runner to tackle any trip with ease, whether it be to the trail or the store.

Chip Linthicum's 1997 Tacoma (6/00)
Chip Linthicum's Tacoma is part of an ever growning contingent of late model Toyotas that are finding their way on to the trail. The robust factory drivetrain has been complimented with aftermarket armor and suspension to allow the rig to travel where stock Tacomas do not dare tread.

Joe Chacon's 1991 Pickup (5/00)
Joe Chacon relies on his imagination and fabrication skills more than his pocketbook when it comes to outfitting his pickup. The flatbed that Joe designed for his truck has become the benchmark for Toyota beds.

Brian Elliott's 1985 4Runner (4/00)
Brian Elliott's 1985 4Runner is an excellent trail rig, coming from the factory with a solid front axle and electronic fuel injection. Not satisfied with the factory performance, Brian outfitted his 4Runner with a bevy of aftermarket parts. These parts help Brian tackle the tough rockcrawling trails found all around his hometown of Tucson, Arizona.

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