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1999 Toyota 4Runner SR-5, 4WD, 3.4 Liter, 6 Cylinder, Automatic

Old Man Emu shocks
Stock Toyota front springs
1.5" Daystar poly spacers
Home made front sway bar disconnects from stock end link

Old Man Emu shocks
Stock Toyota rear springs
1.5" Daystar poly spacers

Old Man Emu Soft Shocks and Daystar 1.5" lift by

I found the Daystar spacers to be competent in their function. The front spacer provides 1.5" more travel as well. Unfortunately the stock rear shocks get very stiff from this lift because they are position sensitive. When the vehicle was loaded the shocks were back to their soft setting and then too soft. Hence I installed the OME shocks. For those who consider the stock setup a little soft, you'll like the OME N91SC/N86C combination. They are firmer but have a slow speed bypass valve that allows them to articulate very quickly offroad. They also have more travel than the stockers. Mixed with the front Daystar's, the combination of the two gives too much travel in my mind and that imperils the balljoints. A better choice with the OME shocks would be a Cornbred spacer. I preferred the stock soft springs to keep the ride soft and articulation high. I wouldn't mix the Daystars with the OME shocks if I were to do it again. In addition I wouldn't recommend the Daystar 2.5" kit because it undoubtedly has the same overtravel problems.

Front OME Front Daystar

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