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1991 Toyota 4Runner, 4WD, 3.0 Liter, 6 Cylinder, Automatic

Edelbrock Shocks
25mm Sway-A-Way Torsion bars

Edelbrock Shocks
Downey Heavy Duty Springs

Downey coil review:

After researching suspension options for my 1991 4Runner, I ended up going with the Downey offering since it is a complete kit. You get the coils, a stainless steel brake line, and a brake proportioning rod remounting bracket; in other words, everything needed to properly lift the rear of the 4Runner is included. Upon having the Downey Heavy Duty coils put on, it lifted my rear end about 2 or so. I had to have the front torsion bars cranked up a little to even out the vehicle. Overall, I got about a 2 lift all the way around afterwards. I get less sway in high winds on the freeway, and it improved the stance of the vehicle 100% in my opinion. The coils are one of my favorite modifications to date. It also gives me more room to work in the rear wheel wells as you can see from the photos below. Before you could barely see the chassis behind the wheel where my yellow poly bushings are. Would I do this modification again? In a heartbeat. I would purchase the exact same brand and model of springs. Downey makes a regular coil too, but I went for the Heavy Duty ones as they wont sag when you load the rear end up with camping and off road gear.
Below are a few photos showing the springs.

Edelbrock shock review:

When I first got my 4Runner, one of the first things I did was to replace the worn out shocks that were on it. They were leaking, and I had lots of body sway in high winds on the freeway. I went with Les Schwab tires' Mountain Ryder shock that were made by Gabriel, and were nothing more than a heavy duty truck gas shock. My 4Runner rode better, but still lacked control in high wind situations. Next was the Downey coil installation, but something still did not feel right with the ride of the vehicle. Off to the Internet I went in search for articles and reviews form other 4Runner owners. About the only other high performance shock owners were using were the Bilsteins. They are a very good shock from what I have heard, but I wanted to be different, and I had just heard about a new shock out from Edelbrock called the IAS Performer. They were supposed to control body sway, and give an improved overall ride. Indeed they did. After installing them, I got less sway immediately, and on the freeway in high winds, the vehicle had much more control. Off road these are excellent handling shocks. I drive mainly on old abandoned logging roads and dirt trails with some rocks and ruts thrown in. These shocks perform quite well and are long enough too, even with the 2 lift I got from my Downey Heavy Duty coil springs in the rear. The shocks come with polyurethane bushings that will give a tighter feel over the rubber type of shock bushings that come with most shocks. The poly tightens up the feel and makes the shock firmer. Would I purchase these shocks again? Yes I would, but I also would like to ride in a 2nd generation 4Runner with Downey coils like I have, and Bilsteins to get a comparison between the two shocks.
Below are a few photos of my shocks.

Rear Shock & Spring Drivers Side Passenger Side

Sway Bar Bushings Front Shock Lifted Stance

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