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The Great Toyota SUV Suspension Lift Collaboration, 1990-1995 2nd Generation and 1996-2002 3rd Generation Toyota 4Runners

Below is a collaboration of the various suspension lift components for the Toyota 4Runner. If you are thinking about modifying your 4Runner's suspension to improve off-road performance, chances are someone has already tried the part you have in mind and can give you some insight into their experiences with it. All of the most common components are covered along with how the parts affected the suspension performance of the 4Runner.

1990-1995 2rd Generation Toyota 4Runners

OME 901HD springs, OME N72F shocks, OME SD33 steering stabilizer, Sway-A-Way torsion bars, SDOR ball joint spacers, Downey Lower A-Arm Truss in front; OME N98 shocks, SDORI Coil spacers, Downey pan hard bracket, 3" BPV bracket in rear: Phil Stetson (Strap22)

Alcan front leaf springs (SAS), OME FJ-80 Land Cruiser rear coils, All-Pro Control Links, Pro-Comp and SkellyBilt Panhard Brackets, Doetsch Tech Shocks: Allen Dickenson (Allen)

Downey Coils, Edelbrock Shocks: Corey Tando (Corey)

Downey Coils, Daystar Spacers, KYB Shocks: Ken Fong (code33)

Downey Coils, Rancho 5000 Shocks: Cody Bair (CB)

Downey Coils, Rancho 9000 Shocks, Sway-Away 25mm Torsion Bars: Leo Castaneda (Leo)

Downey Coils & Downey 1.5? Spacers, Doetsch Tech - Rancho - Bilstein Shocks, Sway-Away 25mm Torsion Bars: Adrian Flygt (Big_Flygt)

OME Coils, Sway-Away 25mm Torsion Bars: Josh Perkins (Josh)

1996-2002 3rd Generation Toyota 4Runners

Performance Products 1" Springs, Bilstein HD Shocks: Jim Sorensen (FJRJim)

SAW Coil Overs, Fabtech Coil Overs, OME Springs, OME Shocks, Downey Springs: Jeff Bathke (Jeff the Marmot)

SAW Coil Overs, OME Springs, OME Shocks: Max Green (Ishikawa)

SAW Coil Overs, OME Springs, OME Shocks: Candido Tapia (CTapia)

OME Springs, OME Shocks: Ziad Matloub (Reapur)

OME Shocks & OME Springs: Jackson Taylor (jacksonpt)

OME Shocks & Daystar Spacers: Lars Dennert (larsdennert)

OME Shocks & OME Springs: Sam Porter (sportrunner)

OME Shocks & OME Springs: Todd Chernesky (toddchernesky)

Cornbred Spacers, Performance Products, Springs, Bilstein Shocks: Phil Roemer (PhilR)

Cornbred Spacers, Daystar Spacers, Downey Springs, Bilstein Shocks, NUKE Disconnects, SAW Coil Overs, ATS A-Arms, OME Shocks & OME Springs, PanHard drop bracket: Steve Schaefer (sschaefer3)

Bilstein Shocks, OME Shocks & Springs, Addco Swaybars: Paul Lifshiz (Bratik)

Downey Coil Overs, Downey Springs, Bilstein & KYB Shocks: Hugo Lafrenire (Hugo)

Revtek Lift: John Stavola (Mojo_Risin)

Addco Swaybars: -J.A. (jalaber)

Performance Products, Springs, Downey Front Spacers, Bilstein Shocks: Wyatt Burke (Wyatt)

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