Review: POWERTRAX No-Slip Traction System
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Authoring and Photography By: Chris Perosi
First Published: March 2000

Review: POWERTRAX No-Slip Traction System

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The new No-Slip Traction System from POWERTRAX.

One of the easiest ways to get more traction and performance out of your 4x4 is to install a locker in the rear. Since the rear provides a greater percentage of traction than the front, installing a locker in the rear greatly enhances that traction. Every year, the aftermarket comes through with some of the more traditional, proven locker designs, as well as some new designs. One such new design is the No-Slip Traction System, from POWERTRAX. We set out to install and test this new locker in a Dana 44 rear axle.

One great advantage of the No-Slip is that it can be installed inside the Trac-Lok LSD carrier, as well as many other LSD carriers. Until now, vehicles equipped with an LSD would require the ring and pinion to be reset before installing a drop-in locker, at a cost sometimes as high as the locker itself. Since the No-Slip reuses the Trac-Lok case, it can be installed in a couple of hours by the average at-home wrench-turner. The Trac-Lok LSD is available from the factory on Jeep TJs, as well as several other vehicles such as the Isuzu Amigo and Rodeo, so this locker opens up another great opportunity for owners of these vehicles. Additionally, the No-Slip is currently or will soon be available in over 100 applications.

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