WRCC Rules

The following text appears in the 1999 WRCC Handbook to explain rules, penalties, and disqualifications (DQs).

Photo by Scott Wilson
A CJ splits a tight set of flags without penalty.
Scott Wilson

Teams will receive scores by clearing established Stages on a Course (trail). Stages consist of start gates, finish gates and intermediate gates set over challenging terrain. All Stages have a time limit. Courses are made up of the many Stages competitors will run each day.

All competitors will compete on the same 2 Courses over Friday and Saturday. The top 12, dubbed the Dirty Dozen, will then compete on another Course Sunday and we'll learn who will be crowned King of the Rocks for 1999.

Teams start each Stage with +20 pts and penalties (deductions) will be incurred for the following:

Points Deducted Type of Penalty
-1 point Ceasing forward progress for 5 seconds or more
-2 points Intentionally reversing course
Note: Stopping and reversing is 2pts total.
-6 points Knocking down a gate
-10 points Under Penalty See Time-outs
-14 points Using a winch or other tool to assist progress
-20 points Exceeding the time limit for a stage
-20 points Driving over top of a gate's intended location
-20 points Entering a Stage before your start time
-20 points Not wearing seat belt while driving
-10 points
up to DQ
Blocking the course
-10 points
up to DQ
Interfering with another team = immediate disqualification
-10 points
up to DQ
Alcohol/drug use just prior to or during official event competition
-10 points
up to DQ
Possession of any alcoholic beverage container (empty or full) during competition

Once a team reaches -20pts, the maximum penalty points allowed on a stage, it's scoring will stop for that stage and they'll be asked to drive on to the next stage. After clearing a stage or pointing-out (-20), the team will then be given credit of +2pts for each intermediate gate successfully cleared.

Examples: A team that points-out (-20) and clears 3 intermediate gates would receive a score of 6 for that stage. A team that clears a stage with 5 intermediate gates and incurs no penalties would receive a score of 30.


All teams will have 1 free time-out available each day. Time-outs are limited to 20 minutes and cannot be saved and used another day.

A team's time-out is started by a Stage Judge when calling that team to the starting gate and they are not there to start in correct order.

A team's time-out stops when that team presents it's properly marked score card to the Stage Judge. The only time a competitor can enter a Stage before his starting time is to present his score card to end his team's time-out.

The team must mark their score card "Behind Team #_____" declaring their new running order.

Teams that exceed 20 minutes in a time-out or drop out of order a 2nd time will then be running "Under Penalty" and will have an automatic 10pt deduction for each of the remaining Stages of that day.