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K-Link Steering System
FTS's K-Link Steering System Short Cuts
by: Full Traction Suspension
The k-Link steering system
Full Traction Suspension's k-Link steering system.

Full Traction Suspension announces the release of their innovative “k-Link™” steering linkage system for Jeep® CJ, YJ, TJ, and other straight axle configuration vehicles.

The new system incorporates features that relieve undesirable “bump steer” and impact felt by the driver in off-road situations. The “k-Link™” features adjustable steering ratio, corrects for bump steer, and is adjustable for different lift heights. It replaces the stock tie rod assembly completely, and is fully bolt-on, no drilling ,welding or grinding required to install.

Made from heavy-duty 1 1/8” x .250 wall DOM steel tubing, it will withstand severe off-road use. The k-Link™ system comes complete with: new idler arm assembly, 3 tie/relay rods, and 6 new tie rod ends. Full-Traction offers a complete line of lift systems for Jeep®, Chevrolet, Ford, Dodge, and other 4 wheel drive vehicles.


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