Goodyear Extreme Rock Crawling Championship

ARCA Rules

"Rock crawling is a little different from other forms of motor sports. Usually, speed is the name of the game. In rockcrawling, it still is... but on the other side of the spectrum. We favor the snail, not the cheetah. Scoring in an ARCA event is based on maneuvering a vehicle through gates marked with flags. The beginning and end of each gate is marked with a disc. Drivers must drive between these gates as smoothly as possible avoiding contact with them. Scoring is based on drivers skill in finessing his or her way up and around obstacles. This is very similar to trials bike competitions." (ARCA 1999 Program)

Course Judges assess points for each infraction. The driver with the fewest points wins.

Points are pretty simple, and are assessed based on the following values:

Type of Penalty Points Added
Stopping for 6 seconds 1 point
Backing/Reversing 1 point
Knocking down a gate 10 points
Winching or using a recovery tool 20 points
Timing out 40 points
Bypassing an obstacle 50 points

Note that Stopping and Reversing are separate deductions. If you stop for more than six seconds, then resume forward motion, you only lose one point. If you stop, then reverse, you lose two points. Since it is impossible to change directions without stopping, any reversal automatically is penalized two points -- one for the stop that had to happen, and another for the reversal. Resuming forward movement after a reversal is not penalized for a stop.

The maximum points you can rack up on a stage is 40 points, unless you bypass the entire obstacle. If you bypass an obstacle, you earn 50 points. This rewards contestants who try the obstacle and fail, rather than driving around the obstacle without trying.

Also, if broken or delayed for a time longer than normal lining up for the next stage, you earn a 5 point penalty for every vehicle that passes you in position.