Goodyear Extreme Rock Crawling Championships

Farmington, NM - September 1999 Short Cuts
by: Andi Vogt and Josh Lowenstein
Edited by: Randy Burleson

The "Big Dogs" gather, growling and snapping, ready to attack the toughest terrain New Mexico has to offer - terrain that chews normal wheelers up and spits them out. Many of these world-class elite rock crawlers would leave this event with their rigs broken and scarred - snapped axles, popped beads, and gnarled sheetmetal a permanent reminder of just how brutal this Farmington event was. Over 6000 spectators watched as all types of extreme 4x4 vehicles, driven by some of the greatest wheelers in the world, laid it on the line to see who would be the crowned as the true "top dog" this day....


Photo by Josh Lowenstein
Goodyear Extreme Rock Crawlin Championship
Farmington, NM - September 23-26, 1999

Sanctioned by ARCA


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