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Is This the Future of Rock Crawling?

Photo by All Pro Offroad
John twists Tiny up at CalROCs.

The sport of rock crawling has changed dramatically over the past few years. As one of the fastest growing sports, many teams and individuals are looking to improve upon their rigs in the battle on the rocks. One of the innovative leaders in rock crawling today is Team All-Pro. Taking a clean-slate approach, this team of Nelson and Nelson and All Pro Off Road created a truly unique vehicle, designed specifically to climb rocks. Tiny, as it is called, won first place in its first CalROCs event January 4th and 5th, 2003. Driven by Jon Bundrant and spotted by Larry Mcrae, the All Pro equipped rig features a three liter mid-engine single-seat layout. Primarily sponsored by BFGoodrich, it rides the rocks with the help of BFGs latest tire technology. 4Wheel Parts Wholesalers help in building the rig was also much appreciated. Look for more appearances of 'Tiny' in upcoming events such as UROC, RCAA, CalROCS, CRCA, and others.

Photo by All Pro Offroad
Tiny was a big hit with the kids at St. Johns Lutheran Elementary School.

Tiny Goes to School

Tiny recently made an appearance at St. Johns Lutheran Elementary School. The students were able to have an up close and personal visit with Tiny, the All Pro Off Road equipped rock crawling machine, and hear about the exciting sport of rock crawling. Each of the students was able to jump in and have a little seat time in the junior sized rig. We were left wondering who among them will become the future rock stars..

Photo by All Pro Offroad
Tiny scales the optional route at CRCA.

Tiny On Winning Streak!

First place again! Thats right, Tiny, the All Pro Off Road equipped rock crawling machine, is on a winning streak with its second in a row, back-to-back competition win. The Team All Pro rig powered through the California Rock Crawling Association (CRCA) rock racing course with an adjusted time of only 3.02 minutes, finishing ahead of the second place team by 1 minute, 22 seconds. This weekends event was the second of three events in the 2002/2003 CRCA race series.

After the event an optional just-for-fun crawl was announced. Chris Durham originally eyed the spot chosen during a pre-event walk through. Chris was quoted as saying, "Ya that looks climbable... maybe". Most of the Pro-class rigs gave it a try but only Tiny, driven by Jon Bundrant was able to successfully negotiate the challenge..

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