Bio: Phil Hansford Short Cuts

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My biography (the condensed version....)
Old Betsy, 1989-2003

Saw my first Dodge Raider in 1990, driven by a prof in another faculty when I was doing my first degree (BA in English at Memorial University of Newfoundland, on Canada's east coast) Instantly fell in love with the "aerodynamics", rugged looks, etc. of the little truck. Kept drooling over this truck till I graduated in 1993. We moved to British Columbia in 1995, and I finally bought my first: a silver 88 Raider 4banger. Loved the truck, wheeled it everywhere in Northern BC and then moved back to the east coast. I decided to go back to university again (!) and lo and behold that Blue 89 Raider V6 that I had lusted after was still there, and the prof was now in my faculty (education). One day he saw me getting out of old "silverado" and asked me if I wanted to buy another... I practically raced home, talked it over with my fiancee, and we decided to go for it. We kept both for 3 months during the busy time before the wedding in the summer of 99, then sold the silver 88.... the rest is "history"...

Little Joe contacted me about a new 4x4site, which could feature a Mitsu Section if I was willing to build it, early in 2000. Some of us had already gotten together on VMAG (yes, some are still here!) so there was a small Mitsy online community. I decided, after initially turning it down, to go for it, and 4 years later, here we are on the wire... (Myself and my wife have since moved back out west, bought a daily driver each, (mine's still Mitsu) and Old Betsy became a trail rig).

But wait! In October of 2003, someone posted on our Mitsu Tech forum that they were parting out an 89 Montero LWB. I realized in about 5 seconds that it was local, and two days later I bought my third Monty... for $250!! In the last couple of months I have dismantled my old blue friend, and many of these parts are now in my new Montero, which is just about to get an engine transplant, from dear Old Betsy...with some parts still going in from the original silver Raider.

If you haven't already figured it out, I love these trucks. Also love the comeraderie of everybody else who likes these rigs. Makes you feel part of a bigger whole.

BTW, I'm now 33 (wife turns 30 in 3 weeks, and then I can give her a good razzing for a change

Feel free to check out my own Montero-Raider Website or email me with any suggestions for this section.