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Jeep Tech winch pages cover winches, winch mounts, and winch accessories. All types of winches are covered including PTO, electric, and hydraulic. Most of the content is purely technical, but some coverage of winch techniques are available.

DCP_1923.JPG ORO Fairlead for X-line Winch Rope
Winch rope is expensive, no matter who's winch rope you buy. If you buy a winch rope, you will want to protect it as much as possible. After years of cursing the steel cable on my Warn 8274, I finally broke down and bought an X-Line winch rope and X-Line fairlead from Off Road Only. The fairlead is anodized aluminum and installation is incredibly easy. Just 2 bolts.
DogBone3_lg.jpg Product Review: Rock Dancer Products Custom Fairleads
For those looking to add a bit of uniqueness to your front end, the last place you'd think of would be to the fairlead of your winch. Up until now, there hasn't been much variety in fairleads. So what is a person to do to dress up the front end of your winch? Install one of Rock Dancer Products new custom hawse fairleads.
X-Line Winch Line Replacement from OffRoadOnly
X-Line winch replacement rope, strong and light, is a totally new kind of synthetic cable substitute from OffRoadOnly. X-Line's superior heat resistance finally eliminates the Achilles' Heel of the new-generation of recovery ropes. Say goodbye to the dangers of steel winch cable!
Winch Weight Winch Weight
Everyone who uses a winch should already know to throw something soft and heavy over the wire rope before making a heavy winch pull. In event of the wire rope's failure, the inertia of the weight will help counter the kinetic energy stored in the stretched winch line. The downside to this safety precaution is that it usually makes for a very dirty -- or possibly even ruined -- jacket or blanket. The new Winch Weight can be easily stored and quickly deployed to make all winch pulls safer.
Increase your winch saftey Winch Hook: A tool to increase winch saftey
I never like to wear gloves around pinch hazards like winches, but I always like to wear gloves around puncture hazards like winch lines! This Minute Mod should help to alleviate that dilemma by giving you a tool to control the wire rope from just enough distance so you will not have your fingers pulled into the winch or your hand punctured by any frayed strands of wire.
In-cab Winch Remote Switch
Installing an in cab winch remote switch is easy andprovides instant access to your winch controls!
Deep Six Gets an 8274
Predator Four Wheel Drive was running a special on some brand new, old style Warn 8274 winches. The price was only $699 for this amazing winch and I couldn't pass it up.
Sunk 8274 Sinking an 8274
It is possible to have an 8274 and have air flow through your radiator, you just need to sink the 8274 between the frame rails. Mike Stenson explains how it is done to keep his CJ cool in Arizona heat.
In Cab Winch Controller
An in cab winch controller, hard wired to your winch, will increase the reliability of your winch and make it more convenient to use. A hard wired winch controller will avoid winch failures caused by a damaged plug or a controller wire wrapped around a tire. It also means your winch will be ready to use without digging out the controller.
Master Pull's Amsteel Non-Metal Winch Rope
Only a fraction of the weight of steel cable, this synthetic UHMWPE rope is easy to store, carry, and deploy and is safer to use than steel cable, with its kinks, curls, and wire splinters. Best of all, with Master Pull's Amsteel rope, a broken rope won't whiplash.

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