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Jeep Technical suspension pages. These articles cover suspension aspects of your Jeep including lift kits, coil springs, leaf springs, 3/4 elliptical, 1/4 elliptical, and spring over axle conversions.

TeraFlex Z-Boxes
Recently I got the chance to try another new product developed by Curt Hildebrand and marketed by Tera Manufacturing. I?ve been running a set of Curt?s Revolver Shackles for the past couple of years on Project Money Pit with great success. The added suspension travel really helps me get through rocky terrain. The new products, Z-Boxes, were designed to complement Revolver Shackles by reducing the stress on leaf springs by allowing them to pivot away from the frame.
Photo by: Randy Halvorsen Rusty's 3" Grand Cherokee Lift
Over the last several years I have had several different lift variations installed on my '94 Grand Cherokee, beginning with the F>R lift which I documented 2 years ago here in the pages of Since then, ZJ's have become much more common on the trail and more aftermarket parts are available now than ever before. Rusty's lift resolves many of the problems associated with lifting a Grand Cherokee.
A new Ladder Bar for Project DIY
After years of patching and repairing my old ladder bar it was finally time to build a new one. There were a few shortcomings to the original design that I wanted to improve upon and some changes that I'd wanted to make.
Photo by: John Nutter Quick, Cheap and Easy Jeep TJ and XJ Lower Control Arm Skids
The lower control arm mounts on the TJ Wranglers, XJ Cherokees and Grand Cherokees are mounted below the axle tube where they may encounter rocks. Here's a quick and easy way to make them slide over rocks better and protect them from damage.
OME Add-a-Leafs in the Cherokee XJ rear
About a year after installing the original Old Man Emu lift, the Cherokee is sagging. The rear leafs have settled an inch and the extra weight we're carrying now makes it worse. The solution is to insert lift blocks and/or an OME Add-a-Leaf into my existing spring pack, adding some lift and increasing the spring rate.
The YJ YJ Transformation
Is it possible to build a YJ with a spring over suspension, 35x12.5 Swamper SSRs, Dana 44 axles, a Detroit Locker in the rear, an ARB in the front, a ladder bar, high steering, an Atlas tranfer case and more, in a month, on a tight budget, in an average garage? Yes!
rightside.jpg Teraflex/Metal Made Rite Revolver Shackles
This is the first part of a two-part review since there is so much to say about Revolver Shackles. We know there are many unanswered questions people have and we will try answer them. We'll show you everything from installation to how the Revolvers perform on and off the pavement.
Rear Coil Air Bag Installation
Project BRYJ was rubbing too much on the rear fender flares when loaded down with gear. Air bags in the rear coils fixed that...
Full Traction Suspension's New Shackle Reversal Kit for Jeep Wranglers
Full Traction Suspension has come out with a completely bolt on shackle reversal kit for Jeep Wranglers that requires absolutely no welding or drilling for installation.
Addco Sway Bars for the Jeep WJ
Everyone has different preferences in the way their vehicle rides. Some prefer the soft ride of a boulevard cruiser, while others enjoy the sportier, firm ride of a sports car.
Lifting the new Grand Cherokee WJ
Anton Cabellon lifts his WJ 2", then 4", and finally on up to 6". Can the WJ handle this kind of lift?
CJ Spring Over Conversion
A Spring Over Axle conversion is the best way to free up the very significant space where the spring packs reside on a CJ, making rocks passing beneath the Jeep much less noticable.
XJ 3.5" Lift - Dealing with Side Effects
There are always side effects to deal with, even with a small project like our 3.5" Old Man Emu/TeraFlex lift on Project SkyMiles. Explore with us as we solve problems with vibration, fit and interference, breakage, and other issues.
XJ TeraFlex Quick Disconnects
We lifted the Project SkyMiles Cherokee using parts from Old Man Emu and TeraFlex. Now to maximize our efforts, we'll add quick anti-sway bar disconnects. Disabling the anti-sway bar for off-road use will allow the axle to articulate, keeping the tires on the ground so that they can maintain traction.
CJ Tall Front Shock Conversion
Long travel shocks are often necessary to take advantage of the full wheel travel your CJ suspension will allow. Here's a cheap modification for CJs that lets you mount longer front shocks.
XJ 3.5" Old Man Emu & TeraFlexLift - Front
We started the Project SkyMiles 3.5" lift in the rear using parts from Old Man Emu and TeraFlex. Now we'll continue with part two... lifting the front. The OME/TeraFlex lift creates a well balanced lift that will allow the addition of bigger tires and get the XJ onto some very tough trails. In the following months, we'll add quick disconnects and address any side-effects encountered.
XJ 3.5" Old Man Emu & TeraFlex Lift - Rear
Project SkyMiles gets a 3.5" lift using parts from Old Man Emu and TeraFlex. We'll start with the rear installation, then cover the front the following month, and finally add quick disconnects and address any side-effects encountered.
How to Build a Killer SUA Suspension
There are camps of SUA (spring under axle) and SOA (spring over axle) people. There are advantages and disadvantages to going SUA vs SOA. Dave Gray explains why he built a SUA Wrangler and why it performs so well.
Shock Rear Shock Mount Extensions for Jeep Wranglers
It is possible to install longer rear shocks on a Jeep Wrangler YJ without cutting the tub. Often rear shocks in a YJ will limit travel and you cannot run a longer shock without moving the shock mount point.
springs Jeep Therapy Suspension I
Jeep Therapy gets a 3.5" spring lift and a M.O.R.E. shackle reversal. The spring pack spring clamps are also opened up to increase flex.
Jeep Therapy Suspension II
The suspension of Project Jeep Therapy gets reworked before the Jeep even hits the trail. High clearance u-bolt plates are fabricated, M.O.R.E shackles are installed, custtom shock towers are built, and a steering stabilizer is added.
Rubicon Express Lift Rubicon Express Extreme Duty Wrangler Lift Kit
Finally, a tall lift kit for TJs that really works! If you want to fit 35" tires or larger, it is hard to find a kit that is not squirrelly on the road and unstable on the rocks. The Rubicon Express Extreme Duty Lift Kit performs well on street and on the trail.
TJ Leaf Spring Conversion
With all hype over coil spring conversions for leaf sprung vehicles, why would someone put leaves on a TJ? Brad Kilby has his reasons for building TJ-7.
How To Prevent Axle Wrap
Axle wrap is a problem that plagues leaf sprung vehicles with soft springs, particularly those that are set up SOA (Spring Over Axle). It is possible to reduce wrap without limiting articulation.
Explorer Pro Comp Coil Lift for YJs
Bryan Archambeault shows how he installed this lift kit in his garage and converted his Jeep YJ's former leaf spring suspension to coil springs.
3/4 Elliptical Suspension for Jeep Wranglers
We all want more flex and articulation from our 4x4s. Some of us go to great lengths to increase the amount of flex and wheel travel from our trail rigs. A 3/4 elliptical suspension conversion on a leaf sprung Wrangler is a simple, yet effective modification that allows for more rear wheel travel and articulation at a low cost.
MORE Shackle Reversal and Buggy Leaf
When the new Jeep Wrangler TJ came out in 1997 a whole lot of us with older Wrangler YJs developed a serious case of envy. Suddenly we were seeing new TJs with off-the-rack suspension lift kits scoring over the vaunted 1000 mark on the RTI ramp. Never fear, like any riverboat gambler we still have a few tricks up our sleeves, and there are still ways to coax a bit more performance out of the old leaf springs.
CJ and YJ Sway Bar Disconnects
The first modification done to any trail vehicle should be installation of solid tow points if it doesn't already have them. The second should be a sway bar disconnect for better trail performance.
Grand Cherokee Quick Sway Bar Disconnects
Increase the off-road prowess of your Grand Cherokee ZJ with this easy anti-sway bar quick-disconnect.
Pieces & Parts Suspension
Since this project is called "Pieces & Parts", you can't expect anything to be normal and this is true for the suspension. The suspension is not radical, but it is practical and should perform well.
Rancho RS9000 Shock Specs
Trying to find the right show for your modified Jeep is not easy. These Rancho RS900 shock specs will help make the shock selection process a true science.

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