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Jeep Tech steering pages cover various aspects of steering your Jeep. The good and bad of stock Ross and Saginaw steering set ups, steering conversions to power steering to save your digits, and drag link and tie rod configurations.

Steering Box Bracket Beef for '76-'86 CJs
While the stock '76 - '86 steering box brackets are fine for moderately sized tires, the reliabilty of the 2 piece, .18" thick stamped steel brackets comes into question when used with the large tire sizes seen on todays extreme trails. Sam's Offroad offers an upgrade over the stock brackets in the form of their one piece, .5" thick heavy duty bolt on steering box bracket.
parts.jpg Pieces & Parts Steering II
When I swapped a 4.3L Chevy V6 in to replace the 3.8L Buick V6, I had to rework the intermediate shaft. The Chevy engine mounts are in the middle where as the Buick mounts are in the front of the engine. The only way I could clear the engine mount was with a three u-joint intermediate shaft from Borgeson.
column02.jpg Pieces & Parts Steering I
The Ross steering that is stock on a CJ-2A is basic manual steering. Because there are several moving parts in the linkage, it has a reputation for being loose. I wanted to convert my CJ-2A to Saginaw power steering.
The YJ YJ Transformation
Is it possible to build a YJ with a spring over suspension, 35x12.5 Swamper SSRs, Dana 44 axles, a Detroit Locker in the rear, an ARB in the front, a ladder bar, high steering, an Atlas tranfer case and more, in a month, on a tight budget, in an average garage? Yes!
tom.jpg YJ SOA High Clearance Steering
Project Money Pit finishes off a reverse cut Dana 44 swap with some high clearance steering. A mix of low buck parts goes into a system that works great and keeps steering components out of harms way.
Rusty's Off-Road YJ Steering Arms Installation
We upgrade Project BrYJ with new steering components from Rusty's Off-Road Products. Rubicon and Sierra Trek were rough on the factory components, breaking and bending them and their replacements. The Rusty's DOM kit will be a major improvement over the stock bent and broken system.
Adjusting Jeep Steering Stops
If your steering stops are properly adjusted, you will be less likely to tear a tire, break an axle, or ruin a ball joint. Breaking these parts at speed can be dangerous, so adjust those stops!
High Clearance Steering
Convert your Dana 44 or Dana 30 axle for high clearance steering. Get the tie rod and drag link out of harms way.
Project Jeep Therapy Steering
Project Jeep Therapy, a CJ-7 built for the trail, gets directed. Jeff hooks up some custom power steering hoses to link the Chevy engine to the Jeep Saginaw steering box.

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