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The Jeep Technical interior pages cover aspects of the interior of your Jeep including seats, seat belts, roll cages, consoles, bed liners, carpeting, sound proofing, heaters, cooling, and more.


/jeep/reviews/Mastercraft02/tn_DSCN1359.jpg Mastercraft Jeep Seats
We pass countless hours of our lifetime sitting in our trucks and spend large amounts of money on making them suit our needs. We modify them to run better, but how many of us have spent anything on improving our own comfort? We're talking about that thing you place your rear on: your seat.
Seat Conversion for Early CJ
If you want to upgrade seats on an early CJ, you would think the seats would bolt right to the brackets. The drivers side is easy, but the passenger side is difficult.

Roll Cages

DCP_0387.JPG Building a Custom Cage
I wanted a roll cage that would maximize interior room and provide better than stock protection. It is hard to do that with factory cages and weld in kits, so I bent my own.
t-bar.jpg O-R Fab Wrangler YJ Bolt-in Sport Cage
After a couple of near misses, and just plain close calls I decided that it was time to add a little more protection to the inside of the Jeep. We spend so much time and money working on the suspension, engine, and the interior of our off-road toys so that we can go higher and deeper into the woods or rocks than ever before. This is one of the few modifications that could pay for it self after only one use and get you back home in safe one piece.
moab03.jpg Tube It Out!
There are many ways that tubing out portions of your four wheeler can improve it's off road performance. It can improve departure and approach angles, allow more engine cooling, and allow larger tires with no lift. It also looks cool.
JandL Roll Cage for Wranglers (YJ)
This kit provides Wrangler owners an easy upgrade for the OEM roll-cage.


console Tuffy Deluxe Stereo Security Console
I've had a lot of Jeeps over the years and a lot of radios in those Jeeps. Locking up your valuables and keeping a radio working in the Jeep has always been a challenge. Tuffy Stereo Center Console provides the security for the radio, a secure place for valuables, protection from the elements, and an arm rest!
Tuffy console on the floor Tuffy Console Review
The Tuffy console for Jeep Wranglers replaces the cheesy plastic console with a 16 gauge metal console. The console features tubular locks and a textured powder coat finish that matches OEM colors.

Bed Liners

done.jpg Easy Sound Proofing
Jeep owners for the most part don't buy them for the quiet ride or sports car handling. With the numerous upgrades that we perform, slowly the interior noise level starts getting louder and louder. Those new mud tires, bigger lift, and high-flow exhaust systems all have an affect on how loud the ride is inside the Jeep as well as outside. One easy upgrade that you can do to combat this is to apply spray-on bedliner and sound proofing material.
Durabak Durabak Bed Liner
For Project Pieces and Parts, Durabak not only provides a tough, skid resistant finish, it hides body work. Applying the product is easy, and the finish is outstanding.


CJ Heater Upgrade
The Chevy Blazer heater motor upgrade for Jeep CJs and Wranglers has been bouncing around the Net for as long as I can remember. It is remarkably easy and it greatly increases the air flow through the heating system.


YJ Dash Upgrade
The elegant lines of a CJ dash. Simple, uncluttered and no-nonsense. That's how I wanted the dash in my 1991 Wrangler to be. But the stock YJ dash is anything but that. Installing Dave's Off-Road laser cut steel dash in my YJ gave me the look I wanted.

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