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These Jeep engine pages cover stock Jeep engines, engine swaps, engine performance, and engine rebuilds.


Jeep YJ Air Intake Conversion
Want to get rid of your stock air intake and upgrade to a TJ style intake with a conical K&N filter? Then read on....
4.0L Throttle Body for Your 2.5L Engine
Swap a 4.0L throttle body in place of the 2.5L throttle body. It is an inexpensive way to squeeze a few extra horses from the four angry squirrels sprinting hard under the hood of your Jeep Wrangler.
Wrangler 1" Engine Lift Kit
This project started off like many others. "What if we could raise the engine a inch to gain some clearance and help out driveshaft angles?" Well, as it turned out it was easier said then done.
Nine Pounds That Make a Difference
The nine pounds of the Inertia Ring will make your little engine big. This simple modification can really help get some extra torque out of a big or small engine.
Kenne Bell SuperCharger Install
I bought my Jeep because the engine looked like it had great potential to be a real screamer with a minimum of work and hassle. To get the horsepower I was looking for (at least an extra 100 over stock) I considered a bunch of modifications. One of those modifications was a Kenne Bell SuperCharger.
Poweraid Throttle Body Spacer
When you own a 4Banger you are plagued with a very limited selection in aftermarket performance parts. Finding performance parts that work is half the battle and Poweraid doesn't officially produce products for the 2.5L engine, but they have a product that works.
linkage Easy Fix Hurky-Jerky Throttles for Less than $5.00
Does it seem you have to push too hard while starting off, only to have the engine rev too fast and cause a jerky take off? Wouldn't it be nice to have a feather-smooth throttle? Having jerky throttle response is bad enough for day to day street driving, but is downright dangerous on the trail. Tip-toeing gently through a rocky section of trail?

Cooling Factory Upgrade Radiator Install
Most of us have been there before. We're out on the trail and due to the hot weather, the pace of the trail, or some internal mechanism, we start to overheat. For us mortal folk, that's generally not that big of a deal, we simply drink some cool liquids, sit in front of the air conditioner or sit in the shade and cool down. But when that overheating is in your trail rig, cooling down isn't necessarily so easy to do.
Wrangler YJ Cooling
With summer coming, it is time to make sure Project Money Pit will stay cool. An aftermarket universal aluminum radiator and a high flow electric fan work to keep the temperatures down.
Keeping the Jeep 4.0L I6 Cool
Keeping your Jeep 4.0L I6 engine cool when you are wheeling hard in the hot sun can be a challenge. Ron Hollatz tries out some cooling tricks on Project Money Pit.
Engine Cooling
In order to solve engine cooling problems, you need to know how engine cooling works. Lyold Novak and Eric Forsberg explain how it works, to help you with an engine swap or just an engine cooling problem.
Cooling for a 350/700R4 Swap
The original radiator in my CJ-6 was a two core radiator and it just wouldn't be enough radiator for the Chevy 350. The other problem with the radiator is the AMC engines have the hoses on the opposite sides from Chevy engines. A long time ago, I happened to buy a radiator from Tim Weldon that had the hoses reversed and it was time to use this radiator.
Frequently Asked Cooling Questions
Radiator and cooling frequently asked questions are covered here. The basics of trouble shooting and fixing your cooling problem.

Ignition - (see also Electrical)

kit.jpg Performance Distributors 4.0 Firepower Ignition
Performance Distributors has now expanded their product line to include the 4.0 Firepower Ignition System. The system offers increased power, fuel mileage and durability.
dcp_0028.jpg HEI Distributor on Jeep 258
I have a Ford truck, but I seem to be a big fan of putting GM parts in my Jeeps. GM parts tend to be simple, reliable, inexpensive, and easy to find. These are all the features you want in a part that goes in your Jeep. That is why I put a GM HEI distributor on my Jeep 258 engine.
Low Buck Spark Plug Wire Guides
You want to keep a neat engine compartment, but don't want to spend a fortune? Don Burton took some pictures of his easy zip tie spark plug wire guides.
The Nutter Bypass
An ignition upgrade for Jeep's with the 258 (4.2L) Engine and the Carter BBD carb.
Jacobs Omni Magnum Ignition System on a Jeep Wrangler
A review of Jacobs' Omni Magnum Ignition system on a 1990 Jeep Wrangler


High Performance Cat and Muffler
Jeff installs a high performance Carsound Catalytic Converter and Borla muffler. It turns out the Borla part numbers haven't changed, but several improvements have been made to the newer mufflers.
Kolak Exhaust for the WJ
Anton Cabellon gives his 4.7L Grand Cherokee V-8 a new sound with a 3" Kolak cat-back exhaust system. The system includes a Car Sound high-flow catalytic converter, a Flowmaster 70 Series muffler, and a Mike Leach mandrel bent exhaust pipe.
Rock Crawler's Dream Exhaust
The Rockcrawlers dream exhaust system uses unique routing to achieve performance without sacrificing ground and driveshaft clearance. This system can apply to any domestic make or model 4x4. Jeep, Chevy, Ford and Dodge can all have the Dreampipe type of system. The vehicle for this article is a 77 CJ7, with a 360 cid AMC engine.

Engine Swaps

4sign.jpg Swapping a Fuel Injected 4.0L in a CJ
The 4.0L I6 engine has been the engine of choice for YJs and TJs for years now. Owners of CJs are often jealous of how well this engine performs. Robert Hyde is jealous no more now that his CJ-7 sports a fuel injected 4.0L I6 engine.
graft2.jpg Fuel Injection in a CJ-7
Properly setting up fuel lines and a in-tank fuel pump will avoid all sorts of strange problems. Doing it right from the start will keep that fuel injected engine running right in your late model CJ.
Jeep Therapy 350 Installation
Jeep Therapy finally gets that 350 slapped in between the frame rails. The job requires a little skid plate modification and welding in some bomb proof engine mounts from M.O.R.E. Jeff also gets that NV4500 bolted up to the 350 with some help from JB Conversions and Advance Adapters.
Project DIY's drive train Project Do It Yourself 's Drive Train
Project Do It Yourself's Drive Train. A Chevy 4.3 V-6 with TBI, Jeep T-18 with a Ford input shaft and a Dana 20 make for a compact drive train that can be mounted high to clear rocks and forward for better drive line angles.
350 Fuel Injected 350
For power and performance, Project Jeep Therapy must have a fuel injected 350! After some careful searching, a low mileage '96 Vortec Chevy 350 from a Chevy pickup is discovered for a price that cannot be beat.
Buick 231 V6 Swap
Project Pieces & Parts finally gets the fired up with a Buick 231 V6 sitting on engine mounts from Advanced Adapters.
CJ-6 Converting the MAF 350 to Speed Density
Our project CJ-6 has a tuned port 350 in it better known as the L98. It is the mass air flow (MAF) version of this engine and the speed density version is a lot neater in the engine compartment. Converting the engine is not that expensive if you plan to buy an engine wiring harness.
Engine Wiring Tuned Port 350 Swap
Wiring a tuned port 350 in a Jeep that had a 232 I6 is not as bad as you might think. Half a dozen sensors control the engine.
Wiring the Computer for a TPI 350 Swap
Wiring under the dash for a tuned port 350 swap. Computer, check engine light, neutral safety switch, brake switch all need to be taken care of.

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