Installing High-Intensity Lighting for the WJ
Help your WJ shed some light on the trail ahead. Short Cuts

By: Anton Cabellon - 1/2001

Anton's trail machine.

For those wishing to upgrade the factory lighting, the options are fairly limited.  Until, that is, you install the 'Kolak Lighting Harness'. This wiring upgrade allows the use of higher-current head lights. The following instructions are how I thought would be the easiest way to do the install with an upgrade to PIAA Platinum Series bulbs and it should be easy once you see the layout of the harness. 
Relays mounted to the forward part of the washer tank.

The WJ install of the Kolak Lighting Harness is extremely simple and the logistics of wiring up the harness will be more readily apparent when you receive it. Install time: 1 hr 15min. A little note: The WJ's high beam system uses all four lights if you didn't know that already, and the install of the harness system won't affect that function. When you receive the harness, you will note a series of wires. The red wires go to the positive lead of the battery. There is also a series of wiring that leads to the two black relays. As you proceed down the yellow wiring, a whole bunch of wires with black grounds, female and male connectors will be found. Use these to wire the right side of the WJ. The harness continues on and the tail end will be used for the left side. 

1. Mount the black fuse boxes to the most forward top bolt of the coolant reserve housing tank.

2. Remove the headlamp unit on the right side and let it hang on the front bumper with towels underneath so as not to ruin the Limited's paint or scratch the Laredo's cladding.

Note for those upgrading their bulbs: The WJ uses straight connector XS series bulbs for the 9005's and 9006's. There are no direct upgradeable replacements as of this writing. All available 9005/9006 aftermarket bulbs have a 90 degree connector and require the following procedures for installation.

3. Remove the stock bulbs from the headlamp housing.

4. Using a torx screwdriver, remove the clear lock hubs (each has 3 torx screws). They need to be pulled out as they are held in by the shrouding around it.
Routing the harness across the front of the engine compartment.

5. Fit the lock hubs over the new aftermarket bulbs loosely and connect the bulbs to the male connectors of the Kolak harness (use the series of wires described above), the wires will contain two grounds, two male connectors for the 9005/9006, and two female connectors to wire into the stock lighting control system.

6. Place the lock hubs/bulbs back into the housing. The connector should be pointing down towards the ground and this will ensure a correct and tight fit.

7. Orient the lock hubs correctly and tighten them down using the torx screws. Don't tighten the lock hubs without connecting the bulb to the Kolak harness, because you won't be able to connect the bulb to the harness with the bulb in place. It's a very tight fit.
Power leads connected to the + battery post.

8. Connect the female ends of the Kolak harness to the male connectors of the WJ stock lighting system (Disregard this step for the left side). This connection will allow you to turn on the lights.

9. There are two grounds on each side that need to be connected. I cut the O rings of the grounds and attached the grounds to the screw/bolt that is immediately forward of the bump stops for the hood. The black hexagonal bump stops are located above the headlight housing on each side of the WJ.
Grounding point for the harness.

10. Run the remainder of the harness to the left side in front of the top part of the radiator and repeat steps 3-9. Note: The remainder of the wiring harness is identical to the earlier part with the exception that there are no female connectors on it. Use electrical tape to cover the exposed ends of the male connectors from the stock WJ lighting system as they won't be used when you do the left side.

11. Finally, connect the wiring harness to the positive lead of the battery. There are two O ringed leads that can be attached the positive lead's bolt.

12. Fire up the system to make sure it's working, then reassemble everything. Secure the wiring using zip ties, and you're done.

The Kolak lighting harness, combined with the PIAA's on the WJ, produces an impressive amount of white light compared to the stock bulbs. This is readily apparent when you use the stock fog lamps. You can see the demarcation of white and yellow on the road. I've also compared the lighting next to another stock WJ and there is a significant difference. High beam lighting is also very impressive.

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