Power Wire Organizer Box
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By: Darren Wiessner - 6/2001

The parts you need
Project box with hole drilled in end
Various power wires that were attached directly to the battery
The power box all wired up.
The power box sealed and resting in front of the battery
One big hot in, many small hot wires out.

Amongst my friends and fellow off-roaders, I am known as "light man". This is because I have tons of lights and electrical components on my rig. If you are like me and have tons of lights, or a CB, or stereo, or all of the above and more, then you know how much of a hassle it is to have 500 power wires connected to your positive battery terminal, let alone how unattractive it is. This 20 minute, $15 mod will eliminate this problem forever.

Tools and Parts:

You will need the following tools:

You will need the following tools:

You may also need new hoop connectors for your wires.


First thing to do is disconnect the negative battery cable to prevent arcing your wires and giving your hands a wake-up jolt. Next, I took my plastic project box and drilled one half inch hole through one side and three half inch holes, about a quarter inch apart from each other, on the opposite side. On the side I drilled three holes, I used the drill to ream through so that I had one large elongated hole (large enough to fit several wires through). After I was finished drilling, I disconnected my power wires from the battery, put them through the large hole in the project box, and slid the hoop connectors onto the bolt, making sure I placed a washer between each for a better connection. Next I inserted the power lead through the other side of the box, connected it to the bolt, and tightened the nut as tight as I could get it. Once all the wires were connected to the bolt, I placed the top onto the box and screwed it down with the four small screws provided with the box. After the box was securely closed, I found a place for it in front of my battery (you could place it under the battery, but I wanted to have easy access to the box for when I need to add more wiring). Then all you need to do is connect the power lead to the positive terminal of the battery, reconnect the negative battery wire, and you're good to go.

The Verdict:

This modification took me almost no time at all to do, and for the time and money involved, I would tell anyone with lots of power wires to go for it. It works great, looks nice, and keeps your wires organized. Happy trails.

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