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Jeep Technical electrical pages. These articles cover electronic aspects of your Jeep including batteries, starters, ignitions, wiring, lighting, computers, gauges, CBs, radios, and more.


Dual Batteries for Project Pieces & Parts
It is always a challenge fitting things into a flat fender; fitting a dual battery system into Project Pieces & Parts was no exception. A dual battery system insures that there will be plenty of cold cranking amps to start the Jeep up even after a fairly long dead pull with the winch.
cg12d.jpg Powering your 4x4 Vehicle Electrical Accessories
Fairly often questions arise on the best method to power the various electrical accessories commonly found in our 4x4 vehicles. Connecting into the complex wiring of today's vehicle wiring system can be challenging and there are pros and cons of operating either off the ignition switch accessory position or, a fused connection to the battery. The ChargeGuardŽ Automatic On/Off Switch, designed to solve this very problem in public safety and police vehicles, is a very clever solution to the same issue in 4x4 vehicles.


dash.jpg Pieces & Parts Electrical
Wiring up a Willys CJ-2A is no simple matter. I had two stock wiring harnesses and both were beyond recovery. The cloth insulation on the wires just doesn't last 50 years or more. I recently parted out a rolled '77 CJ-7, so I decided to use the wiring harness from the CJ-7 on the Willys. It worked pretty well and saved lots of time and money.
dcp_0020.jpg Jeep Power Box
Amongst my friends and fellow off-roaders, I am known as "light man". This is because I have tons of lights and electrical components on my rig. If you are like me and have tons of lights, or a CB, or stereo, or all of the above and more, then you know how much of a hassle it is to have 500 power wires connected to your positive battery terminal, let alone how unattractive it is. This 20 minute, $15 mod will eliminate this problem forever.
In-cab Winch Remote Switch
Installing an in cab winch remote switch is easy andprovides instant access to your winch controls!
In Cab Winch Controller
An in cab winch controller, hard wired to your winch, will increase the reliability of your winch and make it more convenient to use. A hard wired winch controller will avoid winch failures caused by a damaged plug or a controller wire wrapped around a tire. It also means your winch will be ready to use without digging out the controller.
Dash Wiring
I like the simple CJ dash layout and had no plans to alter it, but I did need to fix the wiring.
Horn and Headlights
Converting a '72-'75 CJ to later parking lights and converting the horn to a standard horn wiring.
Engine Wiring Tuned Port 350 Swap
Wiring a tuned port 350 in a Jeep that had a 232 I6 is not as bad as you might think. Half a dozen sensors control the engine.
Wiring the Computer for a TPI 350 Swap
Wiring under the dash for a tuned port 350 swap. Computer, check engine light, neutral safety switch, brake switch all need to be taken care of.


Project Moneypit Gets Rock Lights
While preparing for a run at Paragon Adventure Park earlier this summer, I found out that one of the trail rides was going to be a night run. Project Money Pit was already equipped with H-4 halogen headlights and a pair of PIAA 520 fog lights. These would help me see farther down the trail, but not help much in rock-crawling situations. It was time for some rock lights.
shcematic More Lighting for the Grand Cherokee
Mike Mueller explains how he added extra lights to his Grand Cherokee. The same principles apply to any vehicle.
IPF H4 Headlight Upgrade
I always wondered why guys would spend so much money on fancy replacement headlights. My long trip through the night to Moab convinced me they knew something I didn't. The IPF H4 headlamps make a huge difference.
dcp_0026.jpg Installing Rock Lights
Have you ever been out 4 wheeling at night and found yourself in a tight spot, whether it be a boulder under the pumpkin or a rock under the transfer case? Well, say goodbye to those long nights by installing a set of rock lights
Installing High-Intensity Lighting for the WJ
Upgrade the factory lighting on your Jeep Grand Cherokee with the Kolak Lighting Harness, and see the world in a whole new light.
Front bumper mounting light towers
This quick mounting tower using a couple of pieces of 2x2 square stock will make mounting off-road lights on your front bumper quick and easy.
Color Clear Head Lights
Most of us think of halogen headlights as the normal clear colored variety, but there's a new product on the market that now allows us to customize the look of standard halogen headlights. These are not cheap plastic 'street cruiser' lens covers; these are full replacement lights.


Jeep CJ Gauge and Sender Diagnostics
Complete diagnostics for Jeep CJ gauges and sending units including speedometer, fuel, temperature, oil pressure, and voltage gauges. Fix your gauges so you can monitor the health of your Jeep.

CBs and Ham Radios

Yaesu radio mounted in center console Beyond CB, Part II: Installing a Ham Radio
Last month we talked about how to get started in the world of Amateur Radio, also known as Ham Radio. This month we'll walk you through the installation of the Yaesu FT-1500M radio. This is a very compact radio, smaller then most CB radios actually, and it is built to take a beating.
Ham Radio Ham Radio - increase your off-road communications abilities
Amateur radio, or Ham radio as it is comonly known, offers far greater communications possibilities for off-roaders when compared to CBs or Family Radio service radios. Most mobile Ham radios opperate in FM mode, which gives a much clearer signal when compared to a CB. Mobile Ham radios typically have 50 watts or more of broadcast power, which gives them far greater range than a CB. Getting your Ham license is very easy.
Cherokee XJ CB Radio Installation
Keep in touch with your friends on the trail. Project SkyMiles gets a CB radio and reveals some tips and tricks to installing the radio, and the more-important antenna, correctly.
Radio Shack "Sports" CB
The Radio Shack model TRC-422 ("sports" model) CB radio would is ideal for off-highway vehicles. It is an affordable and compact 40 channel CB radio, easily mounted in small vehicles, and is sealed with gaskets to provide a high degree of water resistance as well as protection from airborne particulates like dust.
Grand Cherokee CB Installation
Installing a CB in your Grand Cherokee is easy and very rewarding.

Ignition - (see also Engine)

dcp_0028.jpg HEI Distributor on Jeep 258
I have a Ford truck, but I seem to be a big fan of putting GM parts in my Jeeps. GM parts tend to be simple, reliable, inexpensive, and easy to find. These are all the features you want in a part that goes in your Jeep. That is why I put a GM HEI distributor on my Jeep 258 engine.
Low Buck Spark Plug Wire Guides
You want to keep a neat engine compartment, but don't want to spend a fortune? Don Burton took some pictures of his easy zip tie spark plug wire guides.
The Nutter Bypass
An ignition upgrade for Jeep's with the 258 (4.2L) Engine and the Carter BBD carb.
Jacobs Omni Magnum Ignition System on a Jeep Wrangler
A review of Jacobs' Omni Magnum Ignition system on a 1990 Jeep Wrangler


Cherokee XJ Speaker Upgrade
I'm the last person who would spend money on car stereo equipment, but my kids couldn't even hear the books on tape at freeway speeds. To encourage further family 4-wheeling adventures, I needed a better sounding audio system.

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