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Jeep Technical body pages are all about doing body work on your Jeep vehicle. The body pages cover tubs, hoods, fenders, grills, and windshield frames. Articles cover painting, fixing dents and rust, and prep work to make your Jeep look good. Body protection is also covered including corner and rocker panel protection.

Body Work

dcp_0175.jpg Build a Flatbed for Your Truck
Nothing looks cooler or more rugged than a pickup with a flat bed. Building a flatbed ia a fairly simple metal working project and it is a great way to replace a rusted out pickup bed.
Project FleXJ Under the Knife
Bart gets radical with Project FleXJ. Wait a tick, that XJ is already out there! Anyway, Project FleXJ goes under the knife for some radical chopping of metal in preparation for the 2001 competitive rock crawling season.
Flat Fender YJ
Give your Wrangler that "Classic" flat fender look!
Tunnel Cover
Fabricating the shift linkage bracket and tunnel cover was an entire weekend of careful cutting, bending, welding, and drilling. The work was worth it, I got the clean look I wanted and I maximized floor space.
Body Work
Body work for Project Pieces and Parts is more of a matter of turning dents and swiss cheese into some sort of usable body. Hours and hours of MIG welding, Bondo, and sanding result in nice body panels.
Shooting Color
Anyone will tell you that the key to a good paint job is the prep work. Body work on a Jeep is something you need to strike a delicate balance between looking good and not wasting a lot of time.
Etching Primer and Sanding Primer
Since the project CJ-6 was mostly sanded down to bare metal, it was shot with an etching primer. A sanding primer was shot over that to fill small holes and wet sanded.
Color and Clear for the CJ-6
Shooting the CJ-6 with a screaming green and some clear coat. The results are cheeky enough.

Body Lift

YJ 1" Body Lift
Project BRYJ gets more clearance with a 1" body lift, coil spacers, and TJ flares


ShrockWorks rocker guard ShrockWorks ShrockBars Jeep Rocker Protection
ShrockWorks specializes in custom bumpers, rock sliders and rocker protection applications for Jeep, Suzuki, Nissan, Land Rover and Isuzu. They utilize the very latest in Computer Aided Design and manufacturing to produce each product. ShrockWorks offers rocker protection for CJs, YJs and TJs. Check out these strong and beefy rock sliders from ShrockWorks!
DCP_0376.JPG Low Buck Rocker Guards
I wanted to have some beefy rocker protection without spending a lot of cash and I found it was not too difficult to do. I managed to build some nice rocker protection for less than $45.
dsc00336.jpg Avalanche Rocker Knockers
After a few close calls with the local rocks and stumps, I did some research in to the subject of rocker panel protection. After talking to some manufacturers local and elsewhere, I realized that most rocker panel protection meant either hacking my flares, or installing TJ flares. I decided that I was not quite ready to attack my flares with a saw, or swap my Xenon flares for a set of TJ flares. Avalanche Engineering has solved this problem with there Rocker Knocker Guards.
moab03.jpg Tube It Out!
There are many ways that tubing out portions of your four wheeler can improve it's off road performance. It can improve departure and approach angles, allow more engine cooling, and allow larger tires with no lift. It also looks cool.
XJ Custom 4x4 Rocker Guards
Project SkyMiles, a 1990 Cherokee XJ, gets rocker guard projection. Custom 4x4 Fabrication's Square Rocker Guards are built tough and look great.
Step_On_It! Rockers Step_On_It! Rock Protection & Step
If you do enough four wheeling and like your Jeep's body intact, you will eventually need rocker protection. At the same time, as lift kits or larger tires are added to a rig, it becomes increasingly more difficult to get into and out of without pulling a groin muscle. The Step_ON_It! Rocker guard addresses both of these issues.
Off-Your Rocker Corner Guards
Project Pieces & Parts gets rid of some ratty corners by installing Off-Your Rocker Corner Guards. These corners aren't poseur aluminum cover-ups, these corners are heavy duty steel diamond plate.


/4x4/jeep/reviews/rockgear01/tn_rockgear.jpg Rock Gear's WindBreaker System
After being exposed to the elements for 5 years, the soft-top on Project Money Pit needed to be replaced. Instead of replacing it with the typical frame/soft-top combination, I decided I wanted to go with something unique.

Bed Liners

Durabak Durabak Bed Liner
For Project Pieces and Parts, Durabak not only provides a tough, skid resistant finish, it hides body work. Applying the product is easy, and the finish is outstanding.
Herculiner on the CJ-6
Herculiner the inside of the tub of the old CJ-6. The product provides a great no slip surface and covers up a bunch of ugly patch work on the floors.

Body Accessories

DCP_0414.JPG QuickLever Mirror Release
Adjusting the mirrors on your Jeep and moving them out of the way is always been a compromise. If you leave your mirrors loose enough to move them out of the way, they get bumped out of adjustment all the time. If you tighten them up so they don't get bumped, you cannot move them out of the way. The QuickLever mirror release allows you to keep the mirrors tight and still move them out of the way with no tools.
Step pic The Ultimate Jeep Step
Is your Jeep awkward to get in? When you start putting bigger tires and a lift kit on your rig, it can be pretty hard to get in and out. Sure, you could put steps on the rig, but they generally hurt your break over angle and they often get damaged four wheeling. Redneck Concepts has come up with a solution to this problem, the The Cowboy StirrUP Step ®.
compared2.jpg SilBlade Wiper Blades (Updated May 22, 2005)
We rarely think about wiper blades - until that rainy or snowy day or on a muddy trail we realize they don't work so well any longer, then head off to the parts store for a quick replacement. I recently discovered there is a significant differentiation in blade composition and subsequently performance and longevity: the replacement SilBlades are engineered to excel in all conditions and over a long period due to superior materials and manufacture. (Long-term updated added 5/22/2005.)
Offroad Innovations Mud Flaps
Many States are now requiring that 4x4's wear mud flaps when driving on the road or highway. Sooner or later, if you don't have them, you're going to get pulled over and get a ticket.
Cherokee XJ Rear License Plate Relocation
Now that Project SkyMiles has a rear-mounted spare tire, the license plate is covered up. We improvise a new location for the plate and add a nifty light housing to keep things legal.
Installing a set of TJ Flares on a YJ
Installing larger tires usually results in your tires rubbing and scraping your stock fender flares as the tire gets stuffed up into the fender well.  The solution?  Install a set of TJ flares.  TJ flares are larger and wider than stock YJ flares, thus increasing your tire clearance and overall tire coverage.
License plate mounted on fairlead Quick Disconnect License Plate
Use Mag-light flashlight brackets to turn a roller fairlead into a quick-release license plate frame.
Installing CJ Mirrors On a Wrangler
If you want to take the doors off your Jeep Wrangler and remain street legal, you need to install some mirrors. Most areas require at least one mirror on the drivers side and the mirrors on a Wrangler are attached to the doors. Installing Jeep CJ mirrors on your Wrangler will allow you to run doorless and stay legal.
License plate mounted on fairlead 8274 License Plate Mount
License plates on Jeeps take a lot of abuse on the trail. If are lucky enough to have a Warn 8274 winch, you can mount the license plate out of the way without obstructing your radiator with the plate.
CJ Mirror Quick Release
Ever jump in your Jeep after a trail ride, drive off, and remember you forgot to readjust your mirror before leaving? Ever whack your head on your mirror while working on your Jeep in the garage? I have and I finally did something about it.

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