Deep CJ-6: Day Eighteen Engine Wiring
Short Cuts

By: Terry L. Howe - 5/2003

The engine compartment from the passenger side.
The engine compartment from the drivers side.
Clockwise from bottom left: knock sensor, O2 sensor, and oil pressure sending unit.
Clockwise from top left is the TPS, alternator wires, temperature sender, barely visible is the coolant temperature sensor for the computer, and the IAC just under the TPS.
The MAP sensor with the green plug.

While I was away for the weekend wheeling in Moab, the engine wiring harness came in. As soon as I got back, I was setting it up. The engine needed to be wired for the gauges and the fuel injection. I had to splice in the original CJ harness with the new engine harness.

I started wiring the engine by plugging in all the injectors, the TPS (throtle position sensor), IAC (Idle air control), the air temperature sensor, coolant temperature sensor, MAP (manifold absolute pressure), O2 sensor, and knock sensor. I had to buy a new knock sensor and MAP sensor for a '91 Firebird with 350 engine. All the other sensors and parts I was able to use from the '89 engine. That is pretty much it for the engine.

I pulled apart the old engine wiring harness and plugged in the oil pressure sending unit and temperature sending unit. I used the original sending units from the 232 engine so they would work with my gauges.

I had Centech send me out a wiring kit for the alternator that I wired up to the battery and to the hot on run and start wire. I also ran the starter wire.

Lots of zip ties and wire loom where used to protect and secure everything. Compared with the original Fireturd MAF (mass air flow) wiring harness, the speed density harness is extremely simple and neat.