Deep CJ-6: Day Fourteen Dash Wiring
Short Cuts

By: Terry L. Howe - 5/2003

The back of the dash
The front of the dash
The dash installed

I like the simple CJ dash layout and had no plans to alter it, but I did need to fix the wiring. The light switch plug was badly melted as were some of the wires to the light switch. I happened to have the plug for that switch from some other truck I parted out. I soldered and shirk wrapped the plug in and replaced the badly melted wire.

I had some of those lights that later CJs have under the dash in a box of old lights. The new plug I wired in had the wires for these lights or a dome light, so I wired them in and bolted them to the bottom of the dash. That will be a nice extra feature.

The little dash lights all broke when I took them out, so I ran to Predator Four Wheel Drive in town and bought three new lights. No one makes a "Hazards" light, so I bought one "Wipers" light and two "Lights" lights. I took the face plate from my broke "Hazards" light and put it on one of the new lights and it looked great. They probably only had the hazards switch on the dash from '72-'75.

I drilled some holes in the bottom edge of the dash to mount the engine computer back there next to the glove box. It fit nice back there and it should be well protected from the elements.

My CJ-6 didn't have an "Oh Sh!t!" bar, but it had some plastic plugs on the dash for one. When I took the plugs out to paint the dash, they broke, so I figured I better put on on it. I had the old dash for my '81 CJ-7, so I took the bar off it and bolted it on. It think it looks better with the bar on there.

I also replaced all the knobs with some little billet knobs I got down at Predator. The look pretty nice and some of my heater control knobs were missing.

I picked up my windshield from Jeff Brown's Custom Glass shop down in Widefield. I finished setting up the wipers and bolted the windshield in place. Unfortunately, I cannot seem to find my dash pad or the defrost ducts. Oh well, I hope they turn up.