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We are no longer running feature rigs like we used to, we now feature rigs out of our readers rigs gallery. Check out the 4x4Wire Galleries section for the latest cool rigs.

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John Cappiello's '47 CJ-2A


Mike Garner's Feep YJ-5

Roger Wild's '72 CJ-5


Bud Boren's CJ-7, Pokey

Mark Booker's '82 CJ-7

Scott Riebel's '78 CJ-7

Steve Smith's '83 CJ-7

CJ-8 - Scrambler

Chris Perri's (Alias EZ Rhino) 1981 Scrambler CJ-8

Mike Hirst's '83 CJ-8 Scrambler

Jeepster/Commando - C101/C104

Craig Stumph's 1968 Commando

Full Size Jeeps (J-series pickups, Cherokees, and Wagoneers)

Paul Stelzig's 1985 Grand Wagoneer

Wrangler TJ (1997+)

Brad Kilby's 1997 TJ

Chad Adams' 1997 Jeep Wrangler TJ

Jeepster VJ

Richard Samuels' 1947 Willys Jeepster

Willys Pickup

Dallas Stumph's 1952 Willys Pickup Truck

Cherokee XJ

Allen Olsen's 1991 Jeep Cherokee XJ

Richard Gauthier's 1988 Cherokee

Tracy Michaels' 1990 XJ

Wrangler YJ (1987-1995)

Dave Laws' 1988 Wrangler Sahara

Grand Cherokee ZJ

Troy and Kelly Gregory's 1995 Grand Cherokee

Current Feature Rig


Featured Reader's Rig
Owner: Scott Chauvie
Model: 1989 Jeep Cherokee Limited

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