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Also check the April issue of Four Wheeler magazine for a 3-page story on 1998's event.
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Moab is an excellent place for the extreme folks to play that still offers reasonable trails for stock vehicles. I'm looking forward to meeting more of the various 'wheelers I only know from the 'net, checking out their trucks in person, and wheeling with a large group of Isuzus. I'm also looking forward to catching up with people from previous years. I want to see these rigs work on the trail, maybe tug an Isuzu out of a tough spot, and maybe be tugged out by another Isuzu.

I realize that there are far more stock Isuzus out there than there are modified rigs, and I think it is important to involve all levels of Isuzu four wheeling enthusiasts. We'll try to do this again in Moab -- I think everybody who came in previous years went away glad that they had made the trip. Here's some comments from a few participants in the 1998 event:

Steve Wright drove a near-stock Honda Passport:
"For anyone considering the Moab-zu, I'd definitely encourage it. If you've never been wheeling before, you'll find yourself with an understanding group of people who can help you out and help you learn. You WON'T find yourself with a bunch of impatient people trying to talk you into taking stupid risks (which I've seen happen in other places).
Give it a shot. You haven't lived until you've driven up a 40% slick-rock slope in 4-low (though if you don't like anything that steep you can usually drive around). And the area around Moab is as immense and starkly beautiful as you'll find anywhere in the world."

Wayne Flower drove a bone-stock Trooper:
"For those of you that are wondering what the big deal is all about ... I went last year, and had a great time. It's one of the very few places that you can get a group of Isuzu owners together and share a lot of information and have a great time wheeling and seeing the sights.
Do you need a big ol' modified rig? Nope. I took my big ol' long wheel base 4 door '89 Trooper that was sitting on the stock sized 30 inch tires. open diffs and all. Sure I couldn't take the nasty obstacles like the modified Amigos, but I had just as much fun watching them, or getting the occasional ride in them. There are plenty of challenges for every vehicle type out there.
If you like to wheel your Isuzu, I would consider this the holly grail event. If you go you will have a great time."

I enjoy driving both tough trails and easy trails. Part of this hobby is challenge, but much more (to me) is camaraderie and seeing nature.

Since I'm driving all the way from California, I'll want to really spend some time out on the trails, so I apologize in advance if my 'wheeler role overlaps my event organizer role. Feel free to talk to me at any time, but please realize that I'm there primarily to have fun, and then to organize.


We started up a small Moab Zu Zoo 2000 Discussion Forum specifically for discussing this event. Todd Adams has also written an outstanding description of what we all have to anticipate. Please click to read the specific topics below, but feel free to post any questions you have... or just tell us if you are looking forward to making the trek to 4-Wheeling Mecca.

The specific arrival times, camp sites, and actual trails are yet-to-be-determined, but we'll soon hammer them out, and post the details here. Just get May 4-7, 2000 on your calendar. Let your boss know you need the time off, and we'll see you there!

Right now, the following folks are confirmed (percent surety of attendance, name, truck, email address, location):

If you aren't on this list, please RSVP by replying to this topic on the Isuzu Discussion Forum or via email to

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