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Installation & Review: POWERTRAX LOCK-RIGHT
Detailed installation of one of the most well-known and respected lockers on the market, in one of the most common axles around, the POWERTRAX LOCK-RIGHT in a Dana 44 Rear. Contributor Doug Brown puts the LOCK-RIGHT to the test, on pavement and off.
Installation & Review: POWERTRAX No-Slip Traction System
Step-by-step installation of one of the newest lockers on the market, the POWERTRAX No-Slip Traction System. Plus, Isuzu Editor Chris Perosi puts the locker through its paces for several hundred miles on the street and in all types of trail conditions, from rock-crawling to snow.
Installing Manually-Locking Hubs
Once upon a time, shifting to 4WD meant stopping the truck, getting out, and locking the hubs. However, today’s new 4x4s and SUVs more often than not come equipped with shift-on-the-fly (SOTF) transfer cases, which allow you to engage 4WD without stopping, even at speeds up to 60 MPH. This is a great feature in the eyes of the general public, however, in the eyes of a seasoned four-wheeler, this takes away some of the control, and many will look to "correct" this. So how can you take the control back? Install a set of manually-locking hubs.

Lifting a Late Model Isuzu
Once you make the decision to lift a vehicle, the first stop is usually to the local off-road shop. At least, this is what you do if you own a more common 4x4, such as a Jeep... You go to the local off-road shop, they tell you about the fifteen different lift kits you have to choose from, and you pick the one that's best suited to your four-wheeling needs. But what happens if you own something with much less of an aftermarket, like an Isuzu? | OutdoorWire | MUIRNet News | 4x4Voice | 4x4Wire on FaceBook Google+
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