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Full Size Trucks: For Work or Play Short Cuts
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Full Size Truck Features
SEMA 2000, Photo by Randy Burleson Fullsize Trucks at SEMA
Each November, Vegas fills to overflowing with the SEMA Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo. With thousands of vendors, journalists, and buyers, this trade show is massive, almost impossible to see in only four days. 4x4Wire toured the show, snapping pictures of the latest Ford products and the hoopla that surrounded them.
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Dave Niles' dedicated mud truck, Photo by John Nutter Mud Truck? Yes. Show Truck? HELL NO!
Dave Niles' Chevy Pickup is built to play in the mud in a most serious way. With a Dana 60 front axle, Detroit Locker equipped 14 bolt rear, cut 44" Boggers on the back, 44" TSLs on the front, a big block, Turbo 400, divorced NP205, and a flexy suspension, Dave is ready for just about anything he might find in a mud bog.
Full Size Truck Product Reviews
Photo by Rick Esterly Rockstomper Rock Rods
Rockstomper makes extra heavy duty tie rods and drag links for many applications, but their Early Bronco steering links are available with bracketry to mount them over the steering arm, improving strength and location relative to stock.
Ford optional telescoping tow mirrors. Ford Telescoping Towing Mirrors
Ford's optional mirrors stretch out to the sides to provide much better side and rearward visibility, while retaining all the electric adjustability and manual fold-away features of the stock side mirrors.
LockRight Install on a Dana 80 Hybrid Rear Axle
Finding traction-aiding differentials is difficult for Dodge's biggest rear axle, which is a hybrid that uses Dana 70 axles shafts mated to a Dana 80 differential. PowerTrax makes a LockRight that adds traction to this super-heavy duty off-highway platform.
Full Size Truck Tech
Torque Converter Lockup Switch for Late Model Automatic Transmissions
Many manufacturers use a locking torque converter on automatic transmission-equipped vehicles for better highway fuel economy. The on-board computer controls a locking solenoid, and this article describes installation of a manual switch with the same function for off-road use, specifically on late-model Mopar trucks like the Dodge Ram.
Center Axle Disconnect Theory and Repair
Many manufacturers install Center Axle Disconnect (CAD) instead of old-style manual locking hubs. Knowing how CAD works allow on-the-trail troubleshooting and even manual cycling the mechanism on the trails.
ARB Air Locker for Ford 9-inch
4x4Wire reviews the newest ARB Air Locker for Ford 9-inch axles. The new design includes several improvements over earlier models. As always, the Air Locker provides locker performance with open differential streetability.
Other Full Size Truck News
Photo by: Scott Ellinger of Rockstomper Rockstomper Rock Rod
Rockstomper ups the ante on heavy-duty tie rods for 4x4s with their new Rock Rod. Made from sturdy DOM steel tube, with applications to fit fullsize and compact trucks, the Rock Rod is the perfect answer to weak, wimpy OEM tie rods.
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