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#604542 - 05/18/05 08:55 AM Tacoma RECALL - Hard steering

Well I just found out this morning that Toyota is having a recall on its 2000+ Tacoma's and Tundra's for hard steering.
Don't have the details as of yet.
Although it is kind of ironic since mine had been at Toyota for about 2 weeks for HARD steering and they couldn't find out the cause. They replaced the upper and lower A-arm's, steering knuckle(after they busted it) and then I had them replace the steering pump and rack-and-pinion when I got it back since I knew they would have to for a good follow up score, and they did.
This is all after they called their own tech support, had an area repair rep out and talked to them. Nobody had any idea. I find that VERY hard to believe with a recall lurking in the wind like this. Especially as I just got it back about a week ago!
Its an 04' with 11,000 miles on it.
So it should be interesting to see what it is they have in the recall.
It ONLY affects about 750,000 trucks~
Should be interesting. I am going to go hunting to see what it is all about.
Then I am gonna call the dealer and see what they have heard.
#604543 - 05/18/05 09:02 AM Re: Tacoma RECALL - Hard steering

The company said the truck and SUV recall covers 774,856 vehicles in the United States, including the 2001-2004 model years of the Tacoma, the 2001-2002 versions of the 4Runner and the 2002-2004 model years of the Tundra and Sequoia.

Toyota said the surface of a ball joint that connects to the front suspension may have been scratched when it was manufactured, which could lead to wear and tear over time.

Any excessive wear or looseness in the joint could force drivers to exert more effort when steering, allow the vehicle to drift and increase the amount of noise from the suspension.

Well, it doesn't look to be anything big. Since they replaced the rack and stuff it drives a lot better.
Although I will have them do the recall as well.
I know I just messed mine up anyway. Kind of hard not to off-road it out here and be carefull 100% of the time.
They were buying, so its all good.

#604544 - 05/18/05 01:14 PM Re: Tacoma RECALL - Hard steering

Do they mean like the upper ball joints? If so, for some reason I just looked under there a day ago and saw all this kind of grease coming out of both the ball joints. Truck has almost 24K miles on it. Im going to call them during lunch to find out and see if they can get me in soon. Other than that, the truck is mechanically fine. Although the interior is getting real dirty, what does that "interior protection plan" cover?
#604545 - 05/19/05 02:09 AM Re: Tacoma RECALL - Hard steering
MikesDoubleCab Offline
Registered: 05/04/04
Posts: 142
Loc: Los Angeles, CA
guess i got lucky on this one... i have 95,000 miles on my 01 and never had probs with my steering or ball joints... of course, now that i typed this, something will happen, huh? hahaha
01 Taco Double Cab V6 Prerunner
#604546 - 05/19/05 08:58 PM Re: Tacoma RECALL - Hard steering
kewlynx Offline

Toyota & Classifieds Moderator
Registered: 10/06/02
Posts: 15887
Loc: Fairbanks, Alaska
It's a ball joint recall; ref THIS THREAD ; I posted a news article for reference.
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