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#543618 - 12/28/04 05:12 PM Jeep CJ TF999 Auto trans with Dana 300 Transfer case

I am looking to install a 1980-86 TF999 auto with a Dana 300 into my 1977 CJ5. Will a Dana 300 from a manual trans CJ bolt to a TF999, or will I need a Dana 300 specifically from an automatic? Also, will a flex plate from a 258 I6 fit my 304 V8? I will appreciate any info someone may have.
#543619 - 12/28/04 05:30 PM Re: Jeep CJ TF999 Auto trans with Dana 300 Transfer case
BigJim Offline
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Registered: 10/07/03
Posts: 7768
Loc: Central Texas
I wager the flex plate will NOT fit! as different engines require different exterior balances most flywheels and harmonic balancers will not interchange.
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#543620 - 12/29/04 07:12 AM Re: Jeep CJ TF999 Auto trans with Dana 300 Transfer case [Re: BigJim]
superdawg Offline
Body Damage is Cool
Registered: 10/13/99
Posts: 2211
Loc: Denver, Colorado
AMC's are balanced externaly, so, a flex plate from a 360 won't work on a 304, nor will a 258 work on any v8.

The good news is, everything you need is available.

As far as what will bolt to what.. Advance Adapters catalog is very good at helping out with that.

If that does not help you can call Mitch at RMH 303-808-1268 he'll know and he is direct with AA also.

#543621 - 12/29/04 08:32 AM Re: Jeep CJ TF999 Auto trans with Dana 300 Transfer case
NCBBA2358 Offline
Body Damage is Cool
Registered: 12/21/04
Posts: 1175
Loc: Mid-town Richmond, VA
I know that I am a little partial to 4WD Hardware, but they area also a good source for parts. I'd imagine they have any adapters that you are looking for. You can find them on line at 4wd.com and then when you get tired of looking at their site, just call them (I'm quite sure they have their number on just about every page on their site) and talk to a tech dude or dudette. They are normally quite eager to help you.

Let us know what you find/figure out.

Happy Jeeping!
91 Jeep Wrangler YJ, carpet, tires, trailer hitch. yea....
#543622 - 12/29/04 02:53 PM Re: Jeep CJ TF999 Auto trans with Dana 300 Transfer case

No adapters are needed here. All Jeep Dana 300 have the same 23 spline input shaft, whether manual or automatic.

As has been said, you need a flexplate specifically for the 304 because of the external balance. I don't believe that there were any Jeep applications where the 304 had a Torqueflite tranny behind it, but there are several AMC car applications which did use it. I'm sure you could find an early 70's Matador for example which did use the 304 and a TF727. The flexplate would work fine in your situation and should be available from any auto parts store or tranny shop.
#543623 - 12/29/04 05:17 PM Re: Jeep CJ TF999 Auto trans with Dana 300 Transfer case

Thanks for all the info. I have found the parts I need. The next question is, should I rotate the transfer case for more ground clearance? I have heard that I will need to lift the body at least one inch. Is this a good modification, or should I not waist my time?
#543624 - 12/30/04 12:40 AM Re: Jeep CJ TF999 Auto trans with Dana 300 Transfer case

With one of the clocking kits you generally have three options for clocking. The only position (usually) where a body lift is required is the highest position.

Whether or not it's worth it depends on your situation. Are you dragging the skidplate now?? If not, will your choice of trails change in the future that it becomes an issue?? In other words, only you can answer that question especially with the info (or lack of) you've provided. Remember that clocking the tcase does nothing if you don't also modify the existing tcase skidplate for the new clearance or fabricate a new one.

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