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Photo by Rick Esterly Rockstomper Rock Rods
Rockstomper makes extra heavy duty tie rods and drag links for many applications, but their Early Bronco steering links are available with bracketry to mount them over the steering arm, improving strength and location relative to stock.
SEMA 2000, Photo by Randy Burleson Ford Trucks at SEMA
Each November, Vegas fills to overflowing with the SEMA Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo. Take Vegas' bright lights, wild reputation, and 24x7 lifestyle, then mix in thousands and thousands of vendors, journalists, and buyers... the resulting trade show is massive, almost impossible to see in only four days. 4x4Wire toured the show, snapping pictures of the latest Ford products and the hoopla that surrounded them.
Ford optional telescoping tow mirrors. Ford Telescoping Towing Mirrors
Ford's optional mirrors stretch out to the sides to provide much better side and rearward visibility, while retaining all the electric adjustability and manual fold-away features of the stock side mirrors.
New ARB Air Locker for Ford 9 inch
4x4Wire reviews the newest ARB Air Locker for Ford 9 inch axles. The new design includes several improvements over earlier models. As always, the Air Locker provides locker performance with open differential streetability.
More Stories Coming Soon
Our Ford Staff is online and working hard to bring you several new stories about Ford 4x4s & SUVs. Please check back soon and often. If you have material you would like to contribute, or if you have a dynamite Ford Truck or SUV that you would like to see featured here, then please contact 4x4Wire's Managing Editor, Randy Burleson.
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