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You are the solution to saving trails


JOIN, DONATE and VOLUNTEER are the key words in this message, and quite honestly, they are THE solution to stopping trail closures.

We must stop waiting to get involved until a "gate" is in our back yard or on our favorite spot.  I know it is easier to get riled up when their is an "enemy" looking us in the face, but the tide of closure moves slowly and moves even without a face attached to it.  It is insidious -- sneaky.

Laws, rules, landowner changes, environmental regulations, etc. etc. sneak up on our motorized sports every day. Without a watch dog, these insidious incremental changes can begin to shut us out.

We must have professional career land use folks in the game being the watch dog.  But, EVERYONE who enjoys motorsports must be doing their part, in the game.

DO NOT LEAVE IT TO SOMEONE ELSE.  Join up; get alerts for your areas of interest; and keep the full time land use folks/organizations up to date with what is happening in your area.  ONLY YOU can prevent trail closures.


1.  Get alerts (Free) from groups like BlueRibbon Coalition (Sharetrails.Org) at:


2.  Report trail conditions or suspected land use issues by contacting your state association or using the Sharetrails.Org report form online here:


3.  Join and donate, but also volunteer your time to be a trail monitor, land use club delegate, or just a good informed citizen for the sports you love.  Please do not wait for the gate to go up.  Get ahead of the restrictions and closures.  Get in the game now!  Your voice counts, but you have to make it count in the right places.


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