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Wreck Chaser: Finding Aircraft Crash Sites

While discussing an upcoming trip to the Piute Mountains area of the Mojave desert with a fellow off-roader, an airplane crash site in that general area but unknown location was mentioned.  Fernando Ramirez replied, "No problem - I'll find it!"

As Fernando recounts:

"When arriving at the information office in the area I was going to explore, I asked the lady at the counter about the plane crash. She told me that her husband had visited the wreck site and that it was very difficult to get there. The more I asked about the site, the less she wanted to tell me. I left with an increased interest in this wreck site. After a few hours of off-roading, I came upon a ranger and asked him about the airplane. He was also willing to offer very little information. So, I continued looking and at the end of my trip I came up empty.

This wreck left me very determined and I kept thinking about how to find this site. I looked for information on the internet and found little help, lot's of talk and few solid leads. I even ordered guide books to find air plane wrecks and found them to be very ambiguous.

This is how a "Wreck Chaser" was born! After a lot of research, driving and hiking I found this wreck as well as others. I put my adventures of these hard to find wreck sites on video and I hope you will have the same enjoyment viewing them as I had hunting them down."

You too can join the "Wreck Chaser" and his adventures seeking Aircraft Crash Sites. Fernando has visited and filmed six crash sites in the southern California desert.  While some off-road driving is involved, hiking, some strenuous, is also involved.  If you go, be prepared. Start with research of the area and preparing a desert survival pack.  The web site does offer some desert hiking tips.

The deserts and mountains of southern California offer some beautiful places and exciting adventures. Prepare, go prepared, and enjoy your experience.

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