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Winches and Shackles


The innovators at BubbaRope have introduced a “soft shackle”, the GatorJaw.  This item is made from Plasma rope which is the highest synthetic rope available featuring a breaking strength of 32,000 lbs which makes them stronger that steel shackles.  Long used in marine environments, the light weight GatorJaw shackles are becoming popular in the off-road market.  The GatorJaw is winner of Best New Product Award at SEMA 2015.

The GatorJaw shackle features a knot on one end with a slip loop on the other end.  Simple loosening of the slip loop, feed the knot through the loop eye, and cinch it up.  You can easily (and quickly) join two tow straps or attach a tow strap to a winch line end.

As noted in the photo, the 7/16” soft shackle feeds through the hole on the Factor 55 winch line end eliminating the need for a steel shackle.

As it is a synthetic rope product, you should not attach it to sharp edges.  The fibers are stronger than steep but they are susceptible to wear and cutting.  When dirty, they can be washed and air-dried.  As with ALL towing equipment and accessories, inspect frequently for excess wear, cuts, worn or frayed areas.  Simple and easy to use, no rust, not fuss, and easy to care for….

Check out the GatorJaw and other products at http://www.bubbarope.com/

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