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Toyota Tech: Regearing the Land Cruiser Electric Locker

Once I made the decision to swap a solid front axle onto my 2001 Tacoma, I knew I wanted a selectable locker. I've been running an ARB air locker in the IFS front axle for three years without a single strength or reliability issue. But for this project I wanted something with a little more 'yota in it. I chose the high pinion electric locker from the front of a full size FZJ80 Land Cruiser. After checking the classified listings on various message boards I found I could buy a new unit for roughly 30% more than a used one. Unfortunately these came from the factory with 4.10 ratio gears, and that just wouldn't be adequate for the tire size I expect to run after the axle swap. Since I was already running 4.88 gears in the rear, I decided to use the same ratio for the front diff rather than changing the rear also. I'm very happy with the driveability I have with the current tires and gears, so only time will tell if the smarter decision would have been to go with a 5.29 ratio!

When I asked around to find out who could install the ring and pinion for me, two people recommended Ken "Zuk" Francisco just from his reputation, even though neither one had their gears set up by him. I took a look at the write-ups on his website and could see that he has done many installs, learned some handy tricks of the trade, and understands the process very well. It's interesting that Zuk does this as a part time/side business, yet recently in the span of one week, he had five differentials to setup. That sounds like a bit more than part time to me!

Here are some great pictures and text provided by Zuk showing helpful tips on how to setup gears in the high pinion electric locker.  I hope you find the photos and text both interesting and helpful.

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