Walking the aisles at the SEMA Show you are exposed to a plethora of products for the automotive world.  Often there are new innovative speciality tools that cause you to stop for a closer look. The Thread Wizard is one such tool.  Who hasn’t struggled with cleaning bolts during a project?  I have used a variety of methods, wire brush, grinding wheel brush, solvent, ultrasonic, and standard threading die.

The Thread Wizard has changed how I clean bolts.  The durable plastic handle can be handheld or clamped in a vise and holds two steel plates with a wire wheel.  The steel plates contain holes for eight common SAE thread sizes from #10 to 9/16” or metric, 5mm to 14mm.

Quick and easy operation to clean bolt threads.  Just start your bolt and using a wrench, thread it in.  Use of a cordless drill give best results.  The bolt threads are pushed against the wire brush and remove dirt, grease, sealant and rust from the threads.  While the Thread Wizard does a great job of cleaning the threads, it si not designed for thread repair.

Like any wire brush, it will wear with use.  The good folks at Thread Wizard offer a repair kit, complete with new steel plates and wire brush.

I selected a variety of bolts from my spares bucket and gave it a try.  One of the bolts was very rusty and the first pass did a good job removing the rust to leave clean threads.  A second pass produced even cleaner thread results.

Overall, great and useful tool.  Buying new bolts can become expensive and this allows quick, easy and inexpensive method to save on the cost of repairs.

Bolts - Before

Bolts - After

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