b2ap3_thumbnail_staun-deflators.pngA timeless ritual for every 4-wheeler when leaving pavement is a brief stop to lower tire pressure for traction advantage and reduced tire spin. Over the years, many products have come along that promise to make it easier and quicker to achieve the desired tire air pressure.

The removal of valve stems (and frequent loss of said valve stem) gave way to hoses that could be clamped onto the valve and deflate two tires are once while keeping a balanced tire pressure.

Having tried all methods, I was a little skeptical when I tried the Staun Tyre Delators. Made in Australia, the deflators screw onto the valve stem and begin letting air out. And, they do know when to quit letting air out -- provided you adjust them.

The deflators are adjustable (from 6-30 psi).From the package, they are pre-set to 18 psi.Set up is easy and should be done prior to your first use.

Step one is to set one tire to your desired off-road tire pressure.The deflator has a knurled lock ring.Loosen that ring.Screw the deflator onto the valve stem and adjust the cap until the deflator pops open.Remove the deflator and tighten the knurled locking ring.

The next time you screw the deflator onto a valve stem, it will pop open and begin releasing air and stop when it reaches the preset pressure point. You can fine tune the adjustment pressure as a each half turn of the cap equals about 3 psi of pressure.

The deflators are all-brass construction and come with a leather carrying case.No tools are required to adjust the lock ring.

Keeping the deflators dry and clean with give you years of assurance that you can achieve the correct tire pressure time after time.

The Staun Deflators will let you down, down to your favorite tire pressure.  They are a great addition to the 4x4 tool box.