Does your hitch rattle? Are you wondering if those strange noises are a warning of problems to come while towing your 4x4?

SoftRide Locking Hitch PinWell, there is an answer for stopping (or at least reducing) the noise from the "toad" behind you.

From the folks at SoftRide comes a product that is touted as quieting the noises associated with towing.

In real life, when you start with a 2 inch receiver and plug in a hitch to begin towing, you have a lot of play (loose fitting) in the connection.  That leads to a lot of movement and rattle in the hitch.  The locking hitch pin from SoftRide does a good job of quieting the noise from the 'toad" behind you.  

Starting with a classic 2 inch receiver and hitch, the locking hitch pin has an internal locking nut that is used to clamp the hitch insert tight to the receiver tube.  I have been using one for a couple of months and find it does as advertised.  The clanking (or clunking) sound while towing is eliminated.

That is the good news.  It does work as stated to reduce excessive movement in the hitch connection.  If you are using the hollow tubing, this process works.  For the heavy duty rated hitches that use solid bar rather than tube stock, this will not eliminate unwanted hitch movement.

Overall, the SoftRide Tightening Hitch Pin is a great product that is well worth the investment.