The 4x4Wire JK recently underwent a slight transformation - from stock to gears, lockers, and lift. That change included new (larger) tires. But, that change did not include replacing the steering damper. Extended road driving pointed out the need to upgrade the steering damper in order to reduce vibration caused by the larger tires on certain sections of road.

Upgrade your Wrangler with a Jeep lift kit from ExtremeTerrain

The ultimate is the high-steer mod that includes a new style shock from Fox. That mod does require change of the mounting bracket and tie rod ends. And, the kit has undergone 2-3 design changes. As it stands, all necessary pieces and parts are not available, back-order until December. And, the key component, the Fox shock, is not shipping until mid-February 2013.

I will try a KBY shock and upgrade to the the new high-steer kit when parts are available.

The pictures display the Synergy Suspension ( Jeep JK Steering Correction Kit.  The first image is the stock configuration.