Whip Mount in positionThe flags are typically a 5 foot fiberglass pole with a red flag attached to the top and either 1/4” or 5/16” diameter.  While there are a number of different methods to mount the flag on an ATV, dune buggy, or side-by-side, mounting on a full-size 4x4 requires a little planning.

My recent visit to the Sand Sports Super Show provided an interesting, easy to mount quick-release system designed to simplify the process for mounting and dismounting whips with no tools and no trimming of shattered ends necessary.

Wash-15 Offroad has developed an anodized billet aluminum whip mount that will accommodate either 1/4” or 5/16” diameter whips.  The whip is held in place in a groove with a mounting pressure plate secured with a wing nut.  The recessed area easily accommodates shattered ends or frayed ends without cutting whips shorter.  The mount has a bolt that fits standard 1/2 “ accessory mounts.

Well, my jeep doesn't have a 1/2“ accessory mount.  So, not willing to let a fabrication opportunity go to waste, I dug through my scrape metal pile and found a short section of 1 1/2 “ angle iron.  The chop saw quickly reduced it to a 2 inch section.  Not liking pointed edges, I did radius the corners and provided a quick rattle can pint job.  My fabricated mount is in the left of the picture.

While waiting for the paint to dry, I considered some mounting options.  Yeah, I could have welded a tab on my tire rack.  I opted to use the already semi accessory mounting spot where my CB antenna was mounted.  As the surface I chose to use with an existing bolt hole was slanted, I did a have to bend the angle iron.  Good thing I have a large vice….

While overkill, I did tap the mounting hole to accommodate the the 1/2 “ - 28 thread mounting stud.  In addition to the ny-lock nut provided with the mount, it wont be vibrating loose.

The final mounting provides for a whip that is secure and does not interfere with the opening of the tire mount.  Ready for the dunes….